Max Kellerman believes that PA Watson needs to trade with Beers

The Chicago Bears have been a franchise involved in football purification because of a location. And no, it’s not a kicker. The list of Chicago’s failed quarterbacks is nearly as long as the list of Hall of Famers – which is a lot in itself.

With the news that Byers general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Negi will return in 2021, they will have at least one more year to recover this team, starting at quarterback.

A decision that has troubled Pace – and will continue to haunt him through his career – passing on Patrick Mahomes and Deshon Watson in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Now, Mitchell Trubisky appears to be out of Chicago – which is probably best for both sides – and Byers is left with frequent questions at quarterback while Mahomes and Watson continue to burn the league in flames.

While there are far more zero opportunities for this to happen, there has been speculation about Watson having some stress after his move out of Houston that has upset his franchise player.

If that were going to be impossible – if the Texans were actually outdoing the D-Hopkins trade and trading themselves after Watson – then any of the beer fans vying for the franchise to correct their initial wrong of being near Watson There will be no shortage. And you’d expect people with their jobs on the line to try and correct a ship with one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.

Max Kellerman of ESPN First Tech is someone who is adamant about getting out and trading for Watson, but he also believes it would be best for Watson.

“I know it’s ‘no tax’, and it’s cold weather, I get all that,” Kellerman said. “Chicago is a football city … The ’85 Bears are probably the greatest team, and it’s their only Super Bowl championship. The Beers are a franchise that has never had a truly great quarterback in the Super Bowl era. You 50 Talking about Sid Luckman? Are people crazy? Who has been their best quarterback, in the Super Bowl era? McMahon? Are people serious? Rex Grossman? Jay Cutler? When Jay Cutler of the Super Bowl era One of your three best quarterbacks — Jim Harbo, better known for coaching? —You have a real problem.

“From the point of view of Watson Watson, he has the chance to become an icon, on the contrary he would be elsewhere. If he gave the Chicago Bears a single Super Bowl, he would occupy a place in the cultural landscape, a fantasy of American sport that is much less occupied. Because of how great he is, because he was playing for the franchise, and because he saved them from drought since 1985. “

Kellerman is not wrong. If Watson – or any quarterback, for that matter – were to give the Super Bowl to this franchise, they would become a legend forever. After all, people still talk about the ’85 beer as if it happened a few years ago instead of 35.

Of course, the fact is that Pace did not bother to talk to Watson during the pre-draft process, which would certainly bother Watson. But Kelman argues that it makes all sense in the world.

“It’s bigger than that because the Bears roasted Deshawn Watson’s draft,” he said. “They took Trubisky. They leave to pick him up, and they have a chance to make this right. It makes all the sense in the world.

“Country Watson wants this, and so beer is what he needs, and that’s where he should go.” They should try to do so. “

While it is certainly good about Watson donating to Watson and the Navy, common sense tells us that there is no chance of this happening. Until someone invented the time machine.

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