Mattis warns of ‘bumpy road & # 39; to the summit Trump-Kim

Seeking to address concerns that the United States may rush to make a breakthrough, Mattis repeated the US position that North Korea will only receive relief from the UN's national security sanctions when it demonstrates "verifiable and irreversible steps. "for denuclearization.

said allies must remain vigilant.

Through an interpreter, South Korean Defense Minister Song said that this is a major turning point as North Korea takes its first steps towards denuclearization.

"Of course, given North Korea's past, we must be careful in addressing this," he added that some of North Korea's recent actions "give us reasons to be positive and one can be cautiously optimistic as we advance. "

Japanese Defense Minister Onodera said that while the solution to the North The Korean nuclear crisis must be diplomatic, defense cooperation between the United States and its Asian allies was key to achieving this.

"Japan, Korea and the US continue to agree that it is necessary to put pressure on North Korea," Onodera told reporters after the meeting.


Despite a long-standing security alliance between the United States and Japan, some people in Japan fear that the United States may arrive to an agreement to protect its cities from the North's nuclear attack, while leaving Japan vulnerable.

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