Matthew McConaughey Joins A Time To Kill Sequel On HBO

McConaughey and Sandra Bullock in A Time To Kill.

McConaughey and Sandra Bullock in A Time To Kill.
Photo: Hulton File (fake images)

The 1996 Adaptation of John Grisham Time to kill it was an important milestone in Matthew McConaughey’s career (even if, ultimately, his role as crossover attorney Jake Brigance was overshadowed by an also– ancestor Samuel L. Jackson). Before Time to kill, McConaughey was primarily known for playing Dazed and confusedstatutorily skeevy Wooderson, but Joel Schumacher’s legal drama opened the door to any number of charismatic lawyer roles, Lincoln or otherwise, for his young star, helping to jumpstart a now Oscar-winning career, completely fine.

Now McConaughey is ready to repeat the role that helped launch that early ascent, with Variety reporting that he Real detective star returns to HBO for a television adaptation of the third Brigance novel A time of mercy. The same as Time to kill, Mercy (published last year) focuses on a legal case that is less about revealing a complicated criminal mystery and much more about the circumstances of the victims and the ways in which they are perceived by the legal apparatus. In this case, that means focusing on a young man who shot and killed his mother’s deputy sheriff’s boyfriend, arguing that the man was abusing his mother, his teenage sister, and himself. To quote the Grisham-ese from the book’s own synopsis: “With clients and friends ditching Jake, he sees his practice wane. Can you save your young client … against all odds? ” (Probably.)

It is not yet known who will write or produce the series, but we have to imagine that McConaughey’s presence is likely. drive a lot of interest in the project.


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