Matthew McConaughey could run for governor of Texas in 2022

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey
Photo: Joshua Blanchard / Getty Images for NEON

Matthew McConaughey has been a lot of things over the course of various careers: he has been a beach bum, an immortal wizard, the protagonist of The beach bum, a guy who drives Lincolns, a bourbon spokesperson, to romantic comedy icon, a guy in a Chevelle picking up high school girls, a God visiting from heaven to enjoy our human olympicsand of course a Distinguished Professor at the University of Texas. Yet his worn cowboy heart wishes plus. Something that can really leave a lasting impact on the beautiful big rock we call America, or at least more of a lasting impact than your awards, your millions of dollars, your family, and your aircraft carrier full of sleek Lincoln cars … something like that. What politics.

Yes, if you felt a painful chill run through the air, this something, it was not climate change that generated another polar vortex. In fact, it was the haunting echo of another celebrity who decided that her specific skill set (including “looking presentable,” “reading” and “being famous”) would translate perfectly into a career in politics. But hey, it worked for Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump, who says it can’t work for Matthew McConaughey too? He is a teacher, and not in a fake university that he invented as a tax shelter. The University of Texas is a real place! It doesn’t just exist on paper!

Regardless, McConaughey briefly brought up the idea of ​​running for governor of Texas in 2022 during an appearance at the Balanced voice podcast (which is run by a Houston crime nonprofit and not a Republican think tank, despite the name), and while it didn’t say a turn to politics is a sure thing, it did say this campaign potential was “a true consideration,” meaning that presumably he Really thinking about it, possibly shirtless on the beach or shirtless in a Lincoln. Weekly entertainment grades that McConaughey recently told Stephen Colbert in The late show that he had no plans to get into politics, referring to it as a “broken business,” but it seems he has at least softened on the idea.

As for why he might be drawn to a political career, McConaughey says he has a lot of “wisdom to share” that is “obvious” to him, but apparently helpful to the “young.” He says he is interested in exploring “leadership teaching positions” that would allow him to help other people, especially the younger ones, which is at least a more noble position to possibly pursue a political career than “I want to help my idiot friends and stupid kids get rich. ”(which is obviously not a specific reference to anyone in particular.) We still have a year or so before McConaughey’s political campaign has to take off, so we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.


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