Matthew McConaghy to release first memoir ‘Greenlights’


3:51 PM PDT 7/29/2020


Lexi perez

The Oscar winner announced on Wednesday, “Two years ago I dared to take all those magazines into solitary confinement.”

Matthew McConaghy is ready to take readers on a ride with his first book, Greenlights.

The Oscar winner stepped out on social media on Wednesday to announce the publication of his upcoming book, Greenlights (Crown Publishing), inspired by his personal writing, he worked throughout his life.

“Ever since I’ve learned to write, I’ve been keeping a journal. Writing anything that turns me on, turns me off, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and questions me about what I need to do at night,” McConaughey said .

“Two years ago I dared to take all those magazines into solitary confinement, just to see what I had and I returned with a book,” he explained before revealing a physical copy of his upcoming book , Featuring a white portrait of the actor on a Black-Hai cover.

The actor said that he chose the name of his book Greenlights Because “this is a story of how I have and we can all hold more of them in this life than we are living.” “We don’t like red and yellow lights because they take our time. When we realize that they all turn green, that’s when they reveal their poetry. That’s when life’s poetry and we What we want and what we want starts to get. That is the need of the hour, “he said.

In a statement about the book, McConaughey described it as “an album, a record, the story of my life so far”. “It’s fifty years of my sights and senses, outsides of felts and figs. Quiet and embarrassing. The beauties of cruelty, beauty, and cruelty. Getting away, raining, and trying to dance among the raindrops Getting up. ” said.

“Hopefully, this is the medicine that tastes good, a couple of aspirins instead of babies, going to Mars without needing their pilot’s license to be re-born in a spaceship, church, And laughing through tears. “

Greenlights The actor will have a “love letter of life”.

The book will be released on October 20, 2020 and is available for preorder.

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