Matt Rull on a hike in Carolina

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For most trainers, who have fired GM and hired a new one, this is a bad sign. For Panthers coach Matt Rodu, it is a positive development.

As one league source explained to PFT, the firing of Panthers GM Marty Harney means that Rall will inevitably be running the show in Carolina, once the hiring of a new GM accumulates dust

This can be as a practical matter, or it can be made more official. New GMs can report to Rhule; The new GM owner can report to David Taper. Regardless, the new GM will not be someone who comes with a shortlist of preferred coaching hires and extends his time until it is time to move Rull and appoint someone else.

This makes Rhule a major player in the search for a new GM, and this gives Rhule immense power.

This should be no surprise. The current-contract that Taper gave Roeder in early 2020 says. The coach will not have to worry about the new GM firing. And the new GM will certainly not find work without Rhule’s agreement.

While the Panthers may technically call the new GM finalists on the draft or roster (even if Rhule would actually be making those calls), any arrangement that does not enter the GM contract with the powers that be is hiring a replacement. Will make it difficult. Who currently has a contract with another team.

From time to time teams have tried to circumvent the spirit of the rule by creating a disconnect between the contract and the reality for the GM, and this rarely becomes an issue. Taper, who annoyed the other owners by paying the entry-level coach money, may decide to pursue the envelope to get GM.

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