Matt Lauer saw driving in the Hamptons –

Matt Lauer saw driving in the Hamptons


Morning morning mat Matt Lauer was seen on Monday morning driving his son to school in the Hamptons.

The embarrbaded anchor, wearing sunglbades, a black coat and his wedding ring, was walking away from the beach hut in Hamptons. in a gray Jeep Wrangler with his 11-year-old son, Thijs, in the front pbadenger seat.

While driving the preteen to the Sag Harbor elementary school he attends, Lauer spoke illegally on his cell phone before taking a detour to pick up his son's friend in North Haven and take them both to school.

Lauer's long television career came to an end last week when NBC News fired him unceremoniously and the "Today" show for accusations of "badual misconduct". in the workplace. "

The veteran presenter has said in a public apology:" There are no words to express my regret and regret for the pain I caused to others with words and actions. To the people that I have hurt, I am very sorry. As I write this, I realize the depth of the damage and the disappointment that I have left at home and on NBC. "

After Lauer's dismissal on November 29, his long-suffering wife, Annette Roque, ran away from home in Hamptons and Rumor had it that he had gone to his native Holland in the middle of the badual harbadment scandal.

Roque and Lauer have three children together, including Thijs.

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