Matt Chapman to do surgery, misses the rest of the season

For a team hoping to play deep in the postseason, the worst situation hit the A’s on Saturday.

Oakland announced that one of its top players, two-time Platinum Glove winner Matt Chapman, would miss the rest of the season after hip surgery, which is scheduled for Monday.

“It’s going to be a big injury, but they have a rogue team who always come together and work hard and find a way to victory,” an American League scout said Saturday. “It’s a big shock – but if anyone can handle it, they can.”

Chapman on Friday in Cole, renowned hip specialist Dr. Looked at Mark Philippon. Philippon has had strong success with hip surgery, with most athletes coming back at full strength, including Oakland outfielder Mark Kanha. Philippon also repaired Buster Posey’s hip twitch and torn labrum, but catcher Posey had more difficulty reclaiming his previous form.

Chapman was batting in 37 games with 10 homers and 25 RBIs, but with 7 home runs and .7-23 with 18 RBIs. Having started with Mark, hit .120 with 17 strikes in his last eight matches. He was 0-for-11 with 10 strikes in the San Diego series last weekend before quitting the game after the fourth inning, when he felt discomfort in the hip while making a play on the grounder.

Oakland played doubleheaded on August 29 in Houston and were then out of the team for five days, with two in quarantine, following a positive COVID-19 test on the team, before resuming the season against the Padres on season 4 .

Currently leading the AL West in seven matches going to Doublehead on Saturday in Texas.

AL Scout said, “This padding is helpful because they won’t panic when they slide a little bit”. “It’s an adjustment period, but it will take this team less time than the other team, because they get used to moving people around. Bob Melvin can handle it – he’s a manager who knows how to fix problems . ”

The team summoned outfielder Seth Brown from Taxi Squad back with Chapman heading to IL. Along with Chapman, the A’s are likely to use Tommy La Stella, Vimel Mackin and Chad Pinder at third base. Sheldon Neus, who is on the team’s alternate venue in San Jose, may also be an option at some point.

“They would somehow find a way to it,” said another Al Scout. “They are always flexible.”

The NL scout said, “Chapman’s losing is big, but I believe they still have as good a chance as any AL team.” “Nobody is a great front-runner, and it will boil down to which team heats up.”

The 27-year-old Chapman was an All-Star last season, and took 8.3 blows over the last two years. Since he arrived in mid-June 2017, he led the Majors in defensive runs with 82, according to Fungrafs, six more than Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons and 32 more than the next third baseman on the list, Chapman’s former high. School teammate, Nolan Arenado of the Rockies.

Susan Slusher is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @susanslusser