Masvidal on Canelo’s boxing: ‘My possibilities are limited but it would be a dog’

Jorge Masvidal had a lot of fun in the “Canelo” fight on Saturday night. Not only did he get to enjoy a one-sided beating from “Canelo” Alvarez delivered to Avni Yildirim, but he ended up interviewing Alvarez after the fight.

After that interview, he spoke to IFL TV about Álvarez’s performance.

“I love seeing the disparity, the big difference between number one and everyone else,” Masvidal said. “In truth, Canelo is the pound-for-pound guy right now. The offense seems crazy. The defense looks great. And the way you are getting your time and distance? Ridiculous. I knew it was going to be a blowout, but I didn’t think it was going to be like this.

“After the first round, I was just shooting him dead. It was interesting to see what he can do with a number one contender with such ease. The question arises: who can challenge this guy at 165 pounds? Because I really feel like it’s your weight right here. I don’t see anyone at 165 “.

The interviewer took the opportunity to suggest Masvidal as a challenger.

“Definitely a dream,” Jorge replied. “My first love is boxing and I still love it to this day. If an MMA champion can come and challenge a boxing champion? For me, it is more than a dream, it is a realization. I fell in love with boxing for the first time before the UFC, I started boxing even before I watched the UFC, so it would be an amazing full circle. “

As for how he would fare against Álvarez?

“He’s a great fighter, my brother,” he replied. “The possibilities are limited, but I am a dog in every fight I am in.”

In another interview given that night, Masvidal revealed that the UFC is targeting September for a rematch against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

“[The Usman fight] it’s what worries me now, ”he said. “Whatever the future holds … I can get into boxing. I love boxing and boxing pays great wages. Boxing pays more for the pay-per-view we bring in than my current sport. So would I love to be in boxing? Easy peasy. Yes. When the time comes, we will cross that bridge, we will find the right opponents. ”

“But I’m here as a fan, I wasn’t here to call Canelo or anything like that, I love what he does, I love boxing. It’s simple you know “

And of course, because no article on boxing would be complete without someone mentioning Jake Paul versus Ben Askren, here is Jorge’s prediction on the matter.

“Direct boxing, I have to go with Jake,” Jorge said. “I just don’t think Ben has his hands. I love my MMA brothers and sisters, but I don’t see Ben achieving this. “

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