Mastery Experience and Lessons Learned

The all-new Tesla Model Y electric crossover came on the market in the US in March 2020, so some people have owned it for about six months now. While we say “all-new”, this is not the case. The Model Y is an all-new Tesla vehicle, but it shares its platform and about 75 percent of it with the Model 3, which has been available for years.

At the six-month mark, the average driver would have about 12,000 miles on their car. However, in the midst of a global epidemic, many people almost did not drive for several months. Model Y owner and YouTuber Bearded tesla cow Finally hit 10,000 miles on your Model Y, which is the perfect time to provide a long-term review of the car, the overall ownership experience, and the lessons they have learned.

We know that the Model Y does a lot like the Model 3. It gets off the line quickly, handles well, and it rides smoothly. Like all Tesla vehicles, the Model Y also charges quickly and has a wide range. For practical purposes, we can say that it has the same feature as its sedan sibling. What sets it apart, and perhaps its biggest selling point, is its crossover configuration, which makes it more practical due to the added passenger and cargo space.

With that, the current configurations of the Model Y are expensive. In addition, many people have pointed out quality, fit and finish, and delivery issues related to the car. So, should you buy one now? Is the overall experience worth it? Watch the video for insights. So, let us know your opinion in the comment section below.