Masters plans on limited attendance for April’s golf major

The Masters tournament announced on Tuesday that it intends to limit attendance at the April tournament and apply similar health and safety standards when Dustin Johnson won the event in November without an audience due to the coronovirus epidemic goes.

Agusta National stated that “a limited number of patrons are being tried, provided it can be done safely.” The tournament dates are 8–11 April.

The club also announced that it intends to hold the Augusta National Women’s Amateur on April 3 and the Drive, Chip & Putt National Finals on April 4. Both of those incidents were canceled in 2020.

Chairman Fred Ridley said, “After the successful event of the Masters tournament last November with only the necessary personnel, we are confident of our ability to invite a limited number of patrons to the Nationals in August.” We will implement practices and policies that protect everyone in the presence of health and safety.

“Nothing is included, or will be more important than the well being of all those involved. While we are disappointed that we will be unable to accommodate the full complement of patrons this year, we will continue our efforts to ensure that all Who bought the ticket from Augusta National will have access in 2022, provided the situation improves.

Augusta National told its ticket holders that the status of their tickets would be determined by January 18. Those who are selected to participate in 2021 will be sent new tickets; Those who have been elected for 2021 will receive a refund and guarantee the opportunity to receive a similar ticket in 2022.

According to a club spokesperson, limited availability of tickets also applies to practice rounds.

The Masters has a patron list for four tournament rounds; The badge for the entire tournament was priced at $ 375 for 2020. When the club announced in August that it would play without an audience, it rolled off those badges until 2021. It did the same for practice rounds.

For the November Masters, those who were allowed on site required a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry for the week. The club conducted those tests in association with a local pharmacy.


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