Master the Old Guard game, win “immortal” Netflix membership

Illustration for this article claiming high scores on the iOld Guard / i game and won 83 years of free Netflix Win

The image: Netflix

If you are anything like us The AV Club, Dear reader, then you need no excuse to spend some time away playing silly browser-based video games. “Oh, I’ll spend five minutes playing it,” you can lie Say to yourself, “Just for a little mental break.” Suddenly three hours have passed and you are still playing as rats in the walls and mice, weren’t you going to record that story by now?

Despite the fact that this is clearly a promotion for Netflix, we are definitely going to write about the “browser-based, top-down, beat up em videogame” that they released to celebrate Old guard, The streamer’s new action film starring Charlize Theron and Kiki Layne. (We liked it!) And while we’re not covering it because the game brings the chance to win a “immortal” Netflix subscription, we’re not going to underestimate that part either, because if you’re accidentally spending the afternoon, You are playing a game to play on top of five minutes, you can have a shot at being rewarded for your choice.

The reason for the gimmick is quite simple: the Old Guard is a group of secret operatives who are also immortal. In the film, Theron plays Andy, or Andromach of Serthia; In the game, it is the product of you, his trusty Labridge (a giant ax). Dead is fine Like Andy and Chambavamba members, you knock down, but you get up again. In the game, death slows you down a bit.

Now, Netflix can’t really give you an immortal subscription because it assumes that Netflix will never die, and everything dies, okay? Instead, the winner will essentially receive free Netflix for the majority of their mortal life, which is still probably a very solid prize (the world lasts at least a few more years). But, of course, a catch: it’s a weekend-only deal, July 17–19. Whoever made the highest score at the end of the weekend wins the award.

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