Masshole Coach Rightly Criticized For Making Players Use ‘Auschwitz’ On Calls

The coach was fired for the reprehensible play titles.

The coach was fired for the reprehensible play titles.
Screenshot: CBSN Boston

Anti-Semitism seems to be all the rage lately, as another idiot decided to demonstrate a pure and unimaginable offense.

Hot on the heels of Meyers Leonard using a terrible insult (which resulted in him being traded almost immediately and eventually published today), we now have a high school football coach in Massachusetts, someone responsible for teaching and shaping young minds, doing the same.

Dave Maimaron is not only the head coach of Duxbury High School in Duxbury, Mass., He is also a special needs teacher, a position that has now been placed on paid administrative leave pending further investigation.

Why do you ask?

Maimaron thought it was a great idea to use the terms “rabbi,” “dreidel,” and “Auschwitz” for audible calls during the first game of their season on March 12. Using the first two terms alone may seem questionable, but using the latter is reprehensible. However, using all three in conjecture pretty much reflects the picture of anti-Semitism.

“There is no place in our community, or in any community, for this type of hate speech,” said Duxbury School Committee Chair Kellie Bresnehan. “I am outraged, disappointed and deeply saddened that we are here.”

According to the Boston Herald, Maimaron has been fired as head coach and Friday’s game has been canceled. It is enormously unfortunate that the high school student-athletes on this team had a game canceled due to the actions of their coach. My hope is that Maimaron’s actions have not normalized this language for these young people, and that the response and outrage at his use of these terms shows that it is inappropriate in every way.


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