Massachusetts pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer may have 100 million doses of the ‘most advanced’ coronavirus vaccine this year

The company behind the “most advanced” coronavirus vaccine under development said it could produce 100 million doses by the end of the year and is a significant facility in Massachusetts with 1.3 billion by 2021.

“As long as we continue to fight the virus – against COVID-19 – a vaccine and a treatment may not come soon. Pfizer is developing one of the most advanced COVID-19 vaccines, ”Gov. Charlie Baker said during Pfizer’s tour of the Andover facility on Thursday.

Pfizer’s vaccine uses mRNA to give genetic instructions to cells – in this case the SARS COVI protein – which must then elicit an immune response, Dr. Pfizer’s vice president of worldwide research and development. Meg Ruesch explained on Thursday.

Research into Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine candidate began in March, she said.

“Our ability to produce mRNA with quality and speed in Pfizer endovers is due to the outstanding scientists, engineers and support staff that we have here. In the fight against this global epidemic, we really believe that science will win, ”said Reusch.

Messenger ribonucleic acid – or mRNA – vaccines are likely to be the first coronovirus treatments available because they are easier to test and deliver than traditional viral-based vaccines. According to the New York Times Coronavirus Tracker, they currently have become a popular choice among 27 different COVID-19 vaccine candidates worldwide.

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