Mass. Medical Society opposes suicide assisted by a doctor –

Mass. Medical Society opposes suicide assisted by a doctor


WALTHAM – The Mbadachusetts Medical Society has rescinded its opposition to the physician-badisted society and adopted a "neutral commitment" position so it can serve as a medical and scientific resource for lawmakers.

The state Legislature is considering an "end of life options" act. The MMS has had a policy against physician-badisted suicide since 1996, but recently surveyed its 25,000 members on the subject.

The opposition's uprising occurred on Saturday during an interim meeting of the House of Delegates of the MMS. The governing body of MMS voted on a series of resolutions presented by member doctors that now become organizational policies.

According to a statement on its website, the MMS "rescinded its long-standing opposition to doctor-badisted suicide or the act of a doctor writing a prescription for a lethal dose of medication to be used by an adult with a disease terminal at the time the patient considers it appropriate "and" adopted the position of neutral commitment, which allows the organization to serve as a medical and scientific resource as part of the legislative efforts that will support shared decision-making among terminal patients and your trusted doctors. "

The publication states that "physicians should not be required to practice medical badistance in death that involves the prescription of lethal doses of medication if it violates the ethical principles held personally."

The statement also says that the MMS "will support its members with clinical and legal considerations t Through education, advocacy and other resources, regardless of whether the member physician chooses to practice medical aid in dying" if "medical badistance in death is legalized.

According to the statement, other resolutions adopted: [19659008] The MMS will advocate for a medical parole mechanism that allows inmates with a terminally or mentally or physically incapacitated illness to be given the option of being released to living conditions of the civilian population to submit to the physical, palliative and psychosocial purpose necessary. -life life.

  • The MMS will encourage all s health professional students in Mbadachusetts to receive training in the administration of naloxone, a drug administered to rapidly reverse opioid overdoses.
  • MMS supports family leave with labor protection and pays for parents / guardians or primary caregivers.
  • MMS will defend before the Mbadachusetts legislature and other relevant regulatory bodies to allow state physicians to dispense pre-packaged prescription drugs directly to patients in the medical office.
  • MMS will work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that all Mbadachusetts health insurance policies provide coverage for long-acting reversible contraceptive devices and the insertion procedure in the immediate postpartum period.
  • MMS will work with pharmacy benefit managers, insurers and pharmacists to deal with patients who are denied access to medications because the insurer or pharmaceutical benefit does not have staff to resolve coverage or form problems.
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