Mary Trump says President’s ‘desperation’ accuses Biden of drug use

That’s why he accused Joe Biden of taking drugs to enhance his performance before the debate, with the author of “Too Much and Never Enough” calling CNN’s chief media reporter Brian Stelter a “reliable source” on Sunday. Told.

The drug-use accusation is “Donald’s desperation,” Mary Trump said, “she is grasping at straws at the moment.”

President Trump has accused Biden of drug use in the past, although there is no evidence to substantiate the claim. The accusation began on social media on Friday, when Trump spoke to Fox News host Jeanine Piro.

President Trump told Piro, “Possibly, possibly involving drugs. That’s what I hear.”

Mary Trump said that her uncle has accused Biden of mental instability because the president himself has been accused of lacking mental fitness in old age. Trump defended himself, claiming that he had performed a cognitive test, although this was not – as he claimed – indicative of mental superiority.

“He projects just about everything,” Mary Trump said. “Normalizing that – which has been going on for decades – is one reason we’re here.”

Mary Trump said that she has no information about her uncle who uses drugs.

Following excerpts from Bob Woodward’s book “Rage” examining Tron’s approach to coronovirus, Mary Trump said that condemning the president’s answer without the need to know what was said behind closed doors Substantial evidence exists for.

“We need to focus on what Donald has really said and we can deal with the Woodward issue later,” she said.

She said that she wanted her uncle to be held accountable for her actions. But he mentioned in the past that the president hates his upbringing.

She told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in July, “Donald is a psychologically damaged man based on his upbringing and the situation with his parents.”

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