Mary Trump says family can’t gag her because the deal was a “fraud”

The legal fight over a revelation by President Donald Trump’s niece took another turn Thursday when his attorneys filed documents to remove a temporary restraining order, arguing that the confidentiality agreement he signed 19 years ago was an unenforceable fraud.

In an affidavit, Mary Trump said that when she signed the deal, ending a dispute over her grandfather’s will, she believed the asset amounts were accurate, but learned that they were false. New York Times expose.

In addition, he said he did not believe the agreement would have prevented him from telling his “life story,” which simply includes details of “the conduct and character of my uncle, the acting President of the United States.”

And, he noted, President Trump “has spoken about our family and the dispute on numerous occasions,” suggesting he would have invalidated any secrecy deal.

“Neither party to the Settlement Agreement, including my uncles Donald Trump and Robert Trump, or my aunt Maryanne Trump, has requested my permission to speak publicly about our family or their personal relationships with me, my brother Fred, or between each of they. another, “he wrote.