Marvin Goodfriend is nominated to be a governor of the Fed


Marvin Goodfriend, a widely respected monetary economist and at one time critical of the Federal Reserve under the presidency of Janet Yellen, was nominated by President Donald Trump to be governor of the US central bank. UU., Announced the White House on Wednesday.

A professor at Carnegie Mellon University and former director of research at the Richmond Fed, Goodfriend has been part of an independent panel of economists known as the Open Market Committee of the Shadows aimed at providing alternative views on politics monetary

Goodfriend will be Trump's third nomination to the Fed Board of Governors, while the president moves to fill several vacancies in the seven-seat panel. Earlier this month, he chose Gov. Jerome Powell to replace Yellen as president. Randal Quarles took office in October as vice president of supervision of the Fed.

Since Powell does not have a Ph.D. In economics, Goodfriend's credentials will add academic weight to a group of legislators who will lose Yellen's experience when her term expires on February 3.

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