Marvel’s MODOK shows off a super cool mad science fight

Marvel's MODOK

Marvel’s MODOK
Screenshot: Youtube

Marvel’s MODOK is currently nearing its May 21 release date on Hulu, dragging a combination of hhigh profile comedy voice acting, Robot chicken-swollen animation, and some of Marvel’s deadliest weirdos designed just to kill. And while we understand that there is a lot Of the Marvel TV projects out there right now, we have to admit that we loved the show’s appearance at WonderCon @ Home today, and specifically because of a clip Shown by series co-creator Jordan Blum, featuring an updated mad science twist on a classic trope: the wizarding duel (i.e. two incredibly powerful people throwing increasingly creative weapons / spells / knives up to that one of them give up or die.)

(If the time stamp on the insert is not working properly, the fight clip starts at approximately 36 minutes.)

In this case, we are seeingshowdown between the titular MODOK of Patton Oswalt and his former rival Monica Rappaccini (Wendi McLendon-Covey), also known as AIM’s Supreme Scientist. The end result is a Really An effective little tutorial on escalating madness, as the two superscientists battle it out with an increasingly goofy set of weapons, counter-weapons, poisons, antidotes, and, again, knives. It’s a huge selling point for the series, as is news from some of the guest stars that have been scheduled for it today., including the hinfo Jon Hamm will play the show’s version of Iron Man, Bill Hader will take on the role of the guy we always skip in theMarvel-universe-essential-manual Angarr The Screamer, and (in a callback to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. two) Nathan Fillion is finally getting to play Wonder Man.

Marvel’s MODOK lands on Hulu on May 21. Let the screams explode clone babies and unlikely animal friends.


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