Marvel’s Avengers XP routine is about to get even slower, for some reason

Marvel AvengersSquare Enix’s action RPG is finally coming to current-gen consoles on March 18, but it’s getting another change as well. After that date, it will take even longer to reach the maximum character level of the game, because the developer is increasing the XP requirement.

According to the developer, the rapid level increases and rapid XP gain was something that he thought could be confusing for new players, in part because each level required roughly the same amount of XP to progress, rather than requiring more for each. character level.

“This has led to pacing issues, such as skill points currently being rewarded too quickly, which can be confusing and overwhelming for newer players. We want every decision to invest in a skill or heroic to be more meaningful, ”said the developers.

To help reduce the amount of progress players can make quickly, the XP required to advance levels later in the game will increase from character level 25. To wrap up the post, the developer recommends that anyone who have a character other than level 50 and level them up quickly before the March 18 change. Of course, this means that players starting from scratch on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will be forced to use the new, slower leveling system.

One thing that is not entirely clear is why this change was necessary. Not starting the XP boost until level 25 means that new players can still get confused with skills. More importantly, the difficulty of leveling up a character to level 50 was already one of the slowest and most difficult parts of Marvel Avengers. Making that process even more tedious, especially for new players, is confusing, to say the least.

The March 18 Update Marvel Avengers It will also include the release of Hawkeye, as well as a new cosmetic change that will make them a bit less random and give players more control over which ones to unlock.

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