Marvel’s Avengers Beta will give Hulk hands to Fortnite players

Battle Table for 29 July at Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s AvengersStudio announces a tie-in event Fortnite. The studio also revealed as Hawke Marvel’s Avengers‘First Post-Launch Hero.

From August 7, players can jump Marvel’s Avengers‘Beta on PlayStation 4, with other editions coming later in the month. By completing the beta and some in-game challenges, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can earn Hulk Smasher pickaxes – including an Iron Man Hulkbuster-style version of the pickaxes – for Fortnite. It appears that PC players are not able to earn these new items, although Epic will add in-pick in-store games at a later date.

Players need to finish the beta to get their Hulk hands
Picture: Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix / Epic Games

To unlock the new pickaxe, players must complete all three HARM Challenge during the beta. It is not clear at present what these challenges are. To redeem their new pickaxe, players must connect their console accounts to their Epic Games account.

The pickaxe draws inspiration from Hulk Hands, a popular – and surprisingly painful – 2003 toy. FortniteOther crossover cosmetics, players may be able to fulfill their weird superhero fantasies, such as Aquaman wearing Hulk Hands.

Marvel’s Avengers The beta first begins on PlayStation 4 on August 7 for players pre-ordering the game. On August 14, players who pre-order on Windows PC and Xbox versions can play the same beta, with an open beta for all PS4 players.

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