Marvel reportedly had to feed Shia LaBeouf for the role of MCU before the sexual battery lawsuit

Before he was hit with a sexual battery lawsuit, Marvel Studios wanted to cast Shia LaBeouf as a superhero in an upcoming project.

Miracle studio Shia LaBeouf was reportedly eyeing the role of a superhero before the actor was hit with a sexual battery lawsuit. Best known for his roles in Transformer In films and his days as a Disney Child star, he struggles to some extent with substance abuse.

Now, however, LaBeouf finds himself in the midst of a controversy after filing a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, FKA Tiggs, claiming that he has committed a range of abuses against him. Met on set of pair honey Boy, Which was the actor’s well-received autobiographical film, and dating began. According to Tiggs, La Bioff was physically and verbally abusive to him; After that, the actor intentionally infected her with an STD in an attempt to control her in a relationship. Since the introduction of this information, Tiggs has received overwhelming support from his peers in industry and the public.

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Before these allegations surfaced, however, Marvel Studios was eyeing LaBeouf for the role of a superhero in MCB. A report from Variety Indicates that Kevin Feige and his team were influenced by the actor’s success honey Boy. Other specific details were not provided, including what role they were eyeing for, but the outlet says that as these allegations slowly unfold, Marvel backed down and not actually a meeting with LaBeouf Of.

Shia La Beauf in Honey Boy

Marvel Studios are known for their stellar casting, often taking risks for their work, unless they are perfect for the intended project. For more than a decade, the MCU has leveraged talent both in front of and behind the camera, and for the most part, these options have ultimately worked. Seeing the success of honey BoyAfter another critical hit Peanut Butter Falcon, It is understandable that LaBeouf caught the eye of Feige and company.

LaBeouf is not thought to be the type of actor who plays a superhero, but through the years, MCU has transformed the likes of Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd into bonafide comic book heroes. Marvel Studios is also notorious for promoting a great work environment for their projects. So, when LaBeouf, as an actor, was perfect for a role, he may have rebutted claims that he is difficult to work with. Ultimately, with an established brand, they can simply seek out other actors who are capable of doing a good job, if not better, which will not cause production issues. Most importantly, casting an actor who is accused of hurting and abusing women as a superhero is simply wrong, especially since he is already accepting of these tendencies.

It is worth noting Miracle studio Never before have I been hired to hire actors plagued by personal issues. In the mid-2000s, Robert Downey Jr. was not the global star that he is right now. The actor was fed up with a history of drug addiction issues and even worked in prison, but Iron man Director John Favreau risked it and cast him as Tony Stark anyway and the rest is history. However, to be fair, Downey was not accused of harassment like La Bioff is now; He had only problem of substance dependence. By the time he joined the MCU, he was quiet for many years and finally, he made sure to make the most of the opportunity he was given.

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Source: Variety

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