Marvel releases full hour-long Zemo dance video

Baron Zemo’s dance moves have finally received the hour-long treatment they deserve.

In last week’s episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Baron Zemo, the murderous villain of American Captain: Winter Soldier returned to help the show’s main duo in an enemy-my-enemy type situation. At one point, the Baron has to blend in with the Madripoor elite, which is when he does it with a dance that became an instant meme.

Zemo’s dance moves immediately spread across the internet from Twitter to TikTok. He’s the perfect mix of endearing, at least as endearing as a murderous Wakandan royal terrorist can be, and utterly silly. Also, Daniel Brühl’s face throughout the entire process is priceless.

While the part that appeared in the episode only lasted a couple of seconds, Brühl blurted out, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that there are secretly a lot more footage of his exploits on the dance floor. Fortunately, Disney didn’t keep the footage locked up forever and has given us a beautiful, weird hour-long cut. Zemo’s best moves.

Sure, maybe it’s a little weird that he’s definitely one of the MCU’s top terrorists. Did Baron Zemo blow up the United Nations? Something like. Can go down? Unquestionably. If that is the energy you are looking for, you now have a full hour. For my part, unfortunately, I am here for it.

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