Marvel reference on Vandavision Episode 3 Easter Eggs and Disney Plus

Sight and Wanda are now in full color.

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Episode 3 of Marvel’s Wandavision, now streaming, suburban sitcom Naturals burst into color as a 1970s hit. From QuickSilver to SWORD, the Easter Eggs and Marvel reference reveal the third installment of the Disney Plus series?

New chapters of the nine-part Disney Plus show arrive every Friday. Start with Episode 1 and 2, We are repeating each episode and dive into the mysterious reality of the witches Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and the strange android vision (Paul Bettany).

Here are the Easter eggs we saw in episode 3. But beware: spoilers for all episodes!

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Welcome to westview

All of the signs point to Wanda and Vision being trapped in some kind of constructed reality. Like, the actual literal sign: hinting at that artificial nature with the tagline “Home is where you make it” to welcome visitors to the city of Westview.

for children

Vision wants to call Baby Billy after William Shakespeare, and provides another reference to the artificial nature of reality (“All worlds are a stage …”). Wanda likes Tommy, the all-American name.

They are in luck, as it turns out that they are twins! In the comics, Wanda’s desire for children has led to several dramatic (and tragic) storylines. Her twin boys were revealed to be legions of the monster Mephisto, who may or may not appear on the show. More recently, Wanda’s older sons Billy and Tommy Young joined the Avengers team as Hero Vixen and Speed.

In episode 3, the unusual nature of Wanda’s pregnancy is evident by its unnecessarily quick progress, but there are also signs that the babies are somehow artificial. Throughout episode 3, Wanda inadvertently brings life to various inanimate things, including paper butterflies and paintings of a stork. He is somehow connected to the technology and infrastructure of the Brady Bunch-style setting, his contractions affect home appliances and blow up electricity.


The moment Vision creates doubts about the strange reality in which they live, the show messes up. The vision is left behind for a few seconds, but this time their suspicion is dispelled. It’s not clear how this happened, but when BeePaulak emerged from Manhole in Episode 2, we clearly saw that it was Wanda who did the rewinding. The question is whether another person is in charge of reality and has blocked the vision seeing the truth, or is Wanda himself in charge – and he will also manipulate his beloved vision to block the harsh reality.


In episode 1 we saw a Stark Industries toaster. In episode 2 it was a Hydra watch. And in episode 3 the evil Hydra brand returns with a commercial for Hydra So Luxury Bath Soap. The first two commercials seemed to be drawn from Wanda’s memories, while it seems to be linked to an impending paternity strain.

The voice-over again hints at an artificial reality (“one world for all its …”). Meanwhile the tagline of the advertisement is “Find the Goddess.” This can have two meanings: Wanda can unleash the goddess-like power within herself, or it can mean that a goddess is somehow trapped in something – perhaps the creation reality Wanda and Wiz live in.

The commercials once again feature actors Victoria Blade and Ithamar Enriquez. The recurring presence of the same man and woman in Wanda’s memories suggests that it may have been her parents.

no home


Geraldine breaks out of Westview in episode 3.

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Geraldine is described as “not being home”. We have no idea what his story is about Marshmallow Moon-Man and his hiccup boss – the name “Haddocks” hasn’t come up in the comics we can think of. However, Geraldine is the only person on the show who remembers real-world events. Wanda remembers her twin brother Pietro (AKA QuickSilver) but it is Geraldine who reminds him that he was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda evicts Geraldine out of the cold sitcom reality, provoking some of her previous type of forcefields to land in an area where she is herd by armed agents. This official-looking installation seems to have something to do with SWORD, the organization that is watching the events and whose symbol Geraldine wears.

Starring by Tyona Paris, Geraldine is featured as a grown-up version of Monica Rambeo, who was last seen as a young girl in the film Captain marvel. If she is in the real world now, we might get some answers in episode 4.


Every week a pop song of the era provides some kind of deeper meaning. Although the show was abandoned in the 1970s, this week it is a 1967 hit Daydream Believer by The Monkees. Lines like “cheer up, sleeping gene” suggest some kind of applied sleep or that the setting is some kind of dream or imaginary reality. Although the line “Oh, what could that mean?” The audience can try to figure out what’s going on.


Apparently, whenever you see an object or text on screen, it’s worth watching up close – how Eagle-Eyed fans referenced the Axis comics on the bottle of wine in Episode 1. The name of the nursery is “Simar”. Another reference to the Marvel continuity? No, this is the name of the show’s storyboard artist Jeremy Simmer. Everything is not a clue.

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