Marvel is supposedly developing 3 new Avengers projects

Earth’s mightiest heroes are currently on an extended sabbatical, but it’s not like we’ll never see the Avengers again. Kevin Feige has already confirmed that we will, it just won’t be as part of Phase Four. That’s completely understandable too, as the focus for the foreseeable future continues to expand the mythology on Disney Plus, with a host of new faces set to make their theatrical or streaming debuts in the next few years.

However, a recent rumor claims that there could be a whole trio of new Avengers projects in the works, and while the information comes from an unverified Twitter account, whoever previously ran it was right as far as some of the major WandaVision Spoilers weeks in advance when a thousand fan theories circulated and they all turned out to be a long way off the mark.

According to intelligence, Marvel is working on Young Avengers, Avengers of the west coast and Dark avengers, and at least one of them feels like a guarantee right now. Yes, key Young Avengers members Stature, Speed, Wiccan, America Chavez, and Kate Bishop have already been spotted or are arriving in the MCU in Phase Four, with The Falcon and the Winter SoldierThe second episode with Elijah Bradley as well.

West coast avengersMeanwhile, it has been rumored more than a few times in the past, but Dark avengers It would be a much riskier proposition that sees supervillains disguised as heroes, although it would be an interesting idea if Marvel were willing to do so. Of course, it’s all speculative for now, but the MCU will only continue to grow larger and larger, so there is certainly a chance that we will see all three in time.

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