Marvel acquisition of Fortnite continues with new Stark Industries location

FortniteThe island looks increasingly like a comic book for a life. With a quick tour around the map, you can see the X-Men, an oversized ant manor, an impressive Black Panther statue and a cemetery of the Sentinels of Stark Industries, now home to Tony Stark. The addition of Iron Man’s home base comes as part of a major update to the game which is now available.

In addition to the new locale, which you can see on the north-east side of the island, the game includes some notable features, including superhero-themed powerups such as Iron Man’s replacer lift. Galactus also has new enemies in the form of drones, which double the weapons if you pick them up quickly after defeating them. You can get a glimpse of all the new elements in the trailer above.

Marvel acquired Fortnite The game began in late August with the launch of the latest season, featuring characters such as Thor, Wolverine, and She-Hulk Fortnite Universe. There is even a tie-in comic book. Of course, season 4 is not available to everyone: due to the ongoing dispute between Apple and Epic, the iOS version Fortnite All of the latest additions are missing. (The epic says that, soon, Fortnite Players will not be able to log into the game using Apple’s sign-in system.)

Elsewhere Fortnite, Epic will kick off a three-week-long concert series at Party Royale this week, beginning with a Dominic Fick performance on Saturday.