Martha Stewart says the Me Too movement has been ‘really painful for me’

Martha Stewart talks about her evolution from Wall Street stockbroker to celebrity housewife and CBD seller. (Photo: Getty Images)

Martha Stewart is best known for running a homemaker business. But the 79-year-old did not spend her life in the kitchen. In fact, the New Jersey native began her career as a stockbroker on Wall Street, where she realized that anything goes when it comes to making money.

“We were the real thing,” he said. harper’s bazaar, referring to the movie Wolf of Wall Street. “I lived it. I mean, all the men on Wall Street were trying to get you. All the men were trying to touch you in the cab. We had martinis for lunch.”

Stewart said that she was “a modest girl” herself, not participating in some of the crazier activities in the office. Still, when it came to getting by in that atmosphere, he was expected to put up with some of the toxic behavior. “You had to stay calm and just do your thing, and push them away,” he said of the men in particular. And while it was able to compartmentalize much of the bad treatment back then, the #MeToo movement seemed to stir up a lot of complicated feelings for Stewart.

“It has been really painful for me,” he told the publication. “I’ve met just about each and every famous guy who has been charged and set aside. Some were certainly guilty of much of what they were accused of. But some were, it’s just their hideous personalities. I won’t mention their names, but I know those people very, very well, and you know the man only talks about sex at dinner. That doesn’t mean anything to me. “

Although she eventually made the decision that “the life of the housewife was more interesting to me than life on Wall Street,” Stewart’s life did not get any easier or more boring. Instead, he referred to his latest endeavors, including a catering business, as the “hardest job of all.” In 2004, Stewart served a five-month sentence in federal prison followed by several months of home confinement and probation for financial crimes. Once again, the difficult experience did not bring down the entrepreneur.

“I knew he was strong coming in and he was certainly stronger coming out,” he said of his time behind bars. “It was a very serious event in my life. I take it very seriously.”

Since then, Stewart has further built the Martha Stewart brand, introducing new categories along the way. More recently, he got involved in the CBD world, through his friend Snoop Dog, although he admitted that he doesn’t actually smoke weed with the rapper. “What do they call it? High contact?” “That’s the point where I get high on Snoop, it’s secondhand smoke, which is pretty serious, by the way.”

And while his business continues to thrive, Stewart regrets something.

Saturday night live He asked me to be the host. My probation officer didn’t give me time, “he admitted. “That really pissed me off, because I would have loved to have hosted Saturday night live. I’d like that on my resume. “

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