Mars Lewis gets a chance to set the score with the Jaguars

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Tight and Mars Lewis spent a dozen years with the Jaguars. It was not enough to make the team behave like anything other than an interchangeable part for a long time.

“I saw that I was being released on ESPN,” Lewis said on Friday, via The Associated Press. “At the same time I’m watching ESPN, my agent is calling me. I didn’t want to hear from him before. I rather wanted to kill them and at least give me a choice whether to cut pay or whatever, at least have a conversation. We never reached that point. “

It has now reached the point where Lewis has become an important leader in the Green Bay locker room, and one of the best teams in football. On Sunday, his former team comes to the city as double-digit underdogs.

“I understand the business side of it,” Lewis said. “But at the same time, for someone who was there for 12 years and always kept the organization in high regard and never put myself in a bad position to make the organization look bad, I just felt like a man it will be good. Just do it correctly. I felt that we could handle it differently, but we have certainly moved forward, no hard feelings. “

Lewis also said that it took a year to finish. When he sees his old team flooding Lambo Field on Sunday, some of those feelings can quickly return, doing everything he can to fuel Lewis and then get the Packers something to help. Which should be an easy victory.

For the possibility of appeasing / relieving the bettor of $ 99,000 on Green Bay, at -1100 odds and payment of $ 9,000.

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