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Prolific UFO hunter Scott C. Waring claimed that a mysterious object discovered on the surface of Mars is a cannonball, proof of an ancient alien war that destroyed the civilization of the planet. Is there any other explanation for the cannonball of Mars?
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A mysterious object discovered on Mars, believed to be a cannonball, is apparently proof that there was an ancient war between extraterrestrials that ended the Martian civilization.

The claim was made by the prolific UFO hunter Scott C. Waring of UFO sightings on a daily basis, as the debate continues on whether extraterrestrial life existed.

Mars Cannonball: Ancient Alien Life Trial?

On his website, Waring claimed that a strange object that was discovered on the surface of Mars by the Curiosity Rover is a metal ball that is roughly as big as a softball. Waring theorizes that the object is actually a cannonball.

"This is 100% evidence of a war on Mars," Waring said, adding that the projectile is surrounded on the Martian surface by stone debris. The pieces, said the UFO hunter, are actually fragments of what was once part of the civilization that thrived on the Red Planet.

Waring believes that cannonballs like the one that saw the Curiosity Rover were fired at Mars from space to burn them away from the planet's atmosphere, resulting in the destruction of life and civilization that was on the planet.

The so-called cannonballs certainly look out of place on the red surface of Mars. Unfortunately, for Waring, the phenomenon has already been explained by NASA. In a process called concretion, the minerals accumulate inside the bubbles within the sedimentary rock at the bottom of the bodies of water. Because the sedimentary rock is relatively soft compared to minerals, perfectly spherical metal balls are formed when the water dries. This is what happened with what was once liquid water on Mars, leaving behind the cannonball of Waring.

Life On Mars

While UFO hunters such as Waring are obsessed with life that they claimed to have been on Mars, others are focused on bringing life on Earth to the Red Planet.

Last month, the researchers managed to get the earthworms to reproduce in a soil similar to that of Mars, which will make possible the growing crops in the Red Planet. An MIT team also won this year's Mars City Design competition on what a future colony would be like on Mars.

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, detailed his vision of a Martian city with a million human inhabitants at the beginning of the year. He believed that the key to realizing his vision was for SpaceX to create transportation options that made travel to Mars affordable.

Musk is already looking forward to living on Mars, apparently, when he said he would send his personal Tesla. Roadster to Mars on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

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