Marquis Goodwin says fans are calling him stupid for dismissing him

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Eagles wide receiver Marquis Goodwin announced yesterday that he has decided not to play this season due to concerns about COVID-19. Today, Goodwin said fans’ reactions are not at all helpful.

Goodwin said the US has lost 150,000 people to COVID-19, and he said his response to the epidemic is to take it seriously – even though many others do not.

“I have received a lot of messages. . . ‘Worried’ fans Telling me how stupid i am And this COVID-19 is not so serious, ”Goodwin wrote on Twitter. “I bet my bank account that there are 150k dead people who would argue differently.”

After deciding to opt out of the 2020 season, Goodwin posted an emotional message on YouTube explaining his reasoning for exiting the season. Goodwin mentions that he and his wife have lost three pregnancies and that he has taken football so seriously that he left his wife in the hospital after his premature delivery so that he could play in a game .

Goodwin and his wife now have a young child, and they worried that he might catch COVID-19 on the field and spread it to their family. Nobody can accuse Goodwin of not making sacrifices for his team, but he felt that playing this season is a huge risk. There is nothing stupid about that.

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