Marquis Goodwin of the Eagles reportedly exited the 2020 NFL season

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Markies Goodwin is joining a core of NFL players who are out of the 2020 season before the league’s August 3 deadline. NFL insider Ian Rapoport has the scoop:

ESPN previously featured Goodwin’s story in a Father’s Day special. It is understandable why he wants to be vigilant.

What we wrote about Goodwin in our training camp preview series:

The Eagles acquired Goodwin for the cost of going down 20 places late in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The Eagles and Goodwin also agreed to a $ 1.35 million one-year contract restructuring in 2020.

Obviously, expectations should be kept low for Goodwin. This is ultimately a guy averaging 31 yards per game over seven seasons. And injuries have caused this 29-year-old to miss 15 games during the last two years.

Goodwin has been fired a few years from entering 56 receptions for 962 yards in 2017. It is also no exaggeration to say that the former Olympic athlete is one of the fastest people in the world, considering his 4.27-second 40-yard dash speed.

Goodwin may be worth keeping around because Jackson is hurt and / or Regor is not ready to make an immediate impact. Coaching staff could feel particularly comfortable with their veteran experience due to irregular children.

Goodwin’s contract will now be in place by 2021. Meaning: He will not be just a free agent after this season.

It can’t be said that losing Goodwin is crippling – he wasn’t even a lock to make the 53-man roster – but it would obviously be better to carry him around for camp. The Eagles are now relying on DeSean Jackson, who turns 34 this year, and three rookie wide receivers give him good deep threat production. On that note, Goodwin’s decision is good news for the Draft of Day 3, John Hightower and Quays Watkins, who are now more likely to make the team. First-round pick Jalen Rigor has no less hindered playing time.

To determine whether more Eagles players would join Goodwin out. The roster is currently 81 ahead of the Eagles before reporting fully to the camp which needs to be below 80.

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