Marlins vacant orols in long-awaited retreat after coralvirus virus outbreak

BALTIMORE – A season of delays led to another production for the Miami Marlins.

The start of Miami’s first game in nine days was delayed by 40 minutes as Major League Baseball awaited the final coronavirus test result for the Marlins to resume Tuesday in Baltimore.

Several coronovirus tests for the Marlins were inconclusive, but resumed, and all came back negative, a source confirmed to ESPN’s Jeff Passon.

The Marlins were eventually cleared to play and arrived at Camden Yards after 5 pm ET, but by 6:15 pm, the teams had still not agreed on the opening time, which was eventually scheduled for 8:15 pm it was done.

The wait proved to be worth it. Back from an eight-day hiatus, the Marlins found enough power and beat the Orioles 4–0 while pitching within their vast overhaul roster. Francisco Serevali and Jesúz Aguilar worked for the Marlins.

Prior to the game, Michael Hill, Marlins president of baseball operations, indicated that the team had been tested daily, and most of the results return in the morning. He said Monday’s results were delayed, but all were cleared by 4:30 pm Tuesday.

An hour before Hill’s game started, Hill said, “I can’t tell you how excited our people are to come on the field.”

When he woke up, Orioles manager Brandon Hyde was not sure whether the game would be played.

“I have word that there were issues with the test and we were about to catch up,” he said.

Hill said 13 players on the Opening Day roster tested negative, now known as “The Trace”. They were to live in Philadelphia for more than a week and returned to the field on Tuesday.

The Marlins then added players through minor league call-ups, waiver strings and trades, including an Olympic short track speed skating medalist (middle field player Ald Alvarez) and Josh Smith (Josh A. Smith and Josh D. Two pitchers were involved. Smith).

“We hope to win the game,” Hill said. “You look on the field, and there are still plenty of places for our regulars. Nobody is making excuses.”

Miami placed 13 players on the injured list before Tuesday’s game, including 10 pitchers.

“Clearly, as we got word on transpiring, it was a call in need of weapons,” Hill said.

The Marlins’ season was pausing after at least 18 players from July 26 and a total of 21 traveling teams tested positive for COVID-19 after the series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Tuesday’s game, the start of a four-game series, is a make-up from July 29, which was considered Baltimore’s home opener. The Orioles played the New York Yankees instead.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.