Mario Kart’s new speedrunning craze is called ‘Blue Yourself’, and it’s a hoot

A beep

Tobias Fünke really needs to listen to himself when he speaks. But he came up with an amazing catchphrase, so we’ll let it slide.

You guessed it: the new craze for speedrunning in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (which is still a wildly successful game with over 33 million sales to its name) is called “Blue Yourself.” It involves trying to hit you with a blue shell as quickly as possible, and there is fierce competition right now in the Mario Kart community.

To accomplish this task, you will acquire momentum items, strategically lag behind so your chances of getting a blue shell are high, then quickly increase and “blue yourself” with the blue shell. There is a possibility, but given the speed with which it is cummed, it is not maddening. The whole process takes approximately 40 seconds or less.

YouTuber Skilloz (below) recently broke the GsFlint world record, which was set at 39.56 seconds. Skilloz managed to sneak in with a good amount of overtime, clocking in 37.89 seconds with Baby Peach.

I think one of the most virtuous aspects of the speedrunning community is when people create new parameters and stick with them as a group. “All the hounds of dogs” runs on Breath of the wild they are proof of it.


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