Mario Kart Live: Multiplayer of home circuit is expensive and chaotic

So that the game can be enjoyed Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit With friends, you need to embrace the chaos. And I do not mean associated with typical chaos Mario Kart, Like hopelessly timed blue spheres or a nightmare of speeding through the Rainbow Road. Here, chaos is more physical – and it can be a lot of fun if you don’t mess up. Or cost.

In my review Home circuit, My biggest issue was how inaccessible multiplayer can be. This is not something you can enjoy. The game – in which players who control the RC cart are with their switches, while driving through a real-life obstacle course – is expensive to play with friends. Each player requires not only a physical cart, which costs $ 99.99 each, but also their own switches to control it. There is no form of split-screen play or any other type of more unattainable multiplayer solution.

He said if you can do Gather all the necessary hardware, it is a better experience with friends. Home circuit The multiplayer works similarly to the base game. You create a course by installing four cardboard gates around your house, which outline your track. The game then enhances this by adding mushroom lightning, obstacles, and visual effects to take your living room out of the Mushroom Kingdom.

One of the stranger things about playing Home circuit Single materiality is lacking. While your cart has to deal with both real and virtual obstacles – you can bang in the coffee table And Being hit by a red shell, sometimes together – is not the same challenge for your rivals. Even when you bang in them, there is not much effect; You can’t go around knocking computer-controlled characters off the track.

But that changes when there is another real kart in the race. You can bang into each other and push your friends into IRL barriers. In my experience, it mostly turned into a big mess. My family built a huge race track, using small, colorful pylons to mark the side of the road, carefully everything. After one lap, it was a disaster. There were pilons everywhere, gates kept getting pushed around, and it wasn’t long before our cats got confused and started running away from the course.

This only made things more fun. Mario Kart There is always a game about mayhem. Throw two remote-controlled cars together in a pile of plastic and cardboard, and it has grown even more; I can only imagine how wild things get with three or four carts. (It also provides a great spectator experience, as those who are not playing can see small cars peeping around and help fix the track midway.)

Playing another person also helps in making toys like wrists. While racing is obviously the main point of play Mario Kart, Home circuit There is also a free-ROM mode where you can simply drive around the house. My children between the ages of five and seven turned it into a game of hide and seek, using the cart’s built-in cameras to hide each other around the house. They are actually demanding more time than racing so far.

it is not surprising Home circuit Best experience with other people. This is the situation for most sports, and this has always been true Mario Kart. But it adds to the insurmountability even more, because it actually feels like if you miss an important part of the experience if you play the game. This is a lot to ask a family to have multiple switch units and spend $ 99 per car for a fun afternoon. I’m having fun with it, but I can’t say it’s worth the extra expense.

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