Marijuana may not aid patients fighting opioid addiction- The New Indian Express –

Marijuana may not aid patients fighting opioid addiction- The New Indian Express


NEW YORK: Frequent marijuana use may not help manage pain, depression and anxiety among patients in treatment for opioid addiction, finds a study

Patients in medication-badisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction believe that using marijuana helps If the cannabis could be used to treat their symptoms, how could they be used to treat their symptoms?

"For people who are using cannabis the most, they have a very strong relationship between pain and mood symptoms, and that's not necessarily the pattern you would want to see, "said Marian Wilson, from Washington State University.

"You would hope, if cannabis is helpful, the more they use it the fewer symptoms they would see," Wilson added.

More cannabis use is badociated with reduced self-efficacy in managing emotions, which makes it more For the research,

In fact, the relationship between pain and depression and the increased frequency of marijuana use, the said.

For the research, published in the journal Addictive Behaviors, the team involved 150 patients and found that nearly 67 per cent of the patients use marijuana regularly.

"Some are admitting they use it for recreation purposes, but a large number are they use it to help with pain, sleep, and their mood, "Wilson said.

"We do not have evidence with this study that cannabis is helping with those issues," I stated.

The study said that opioid overdose rates have more than tripled in the past leading cause of accidental death in the US

"The effectiveness of cannabis for relieving distressing symptoms remains mixed and requires further research," Wilson said.

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