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President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has issued a cease-and-desist order against a Mississippi medical marijuana legalization campaign, claiming that “unauthorized and misleading representations” of the president’s position on reform initiatives in one of his mailers – Even if he spoke favorably on many occasions. On camera about medical cannabis.

Donald J. for President. Trump’s chief operating officer, Michael Glasser, sent a letter to Mississippians for Compassentry Care (MCC), demanding that they stop distributing campaign materials in keeping with the president’s previous comments.

Although Mailer and envelopes are not being sent under any condition that Trump specifically endorsed Initiative 65, they encourage voters to “join President Trump and 3 out of 4 Mississippi Republicans who are medically Support marijuana “and explains that she voiced” full support for medical marijuana. ”

It is indeed the case that the President has stated on several occasions that he is in favor of medical cannabis reform.

For example, while he said in 2015 that Colorado “has a lot of problems going on right now” with its recreational marijuana program, medical cannabis is “another thing.”

“I think medical marijuana, 100 percent,” he said.

Beyond his personal support for medical cannabis, Trump has stated many times that he personally knows people who have benefited from using it.

“I think there should be therapy, right? Don’t we agree? I mean I think so,” he said at a 2015 rally in Nevada. “I know people are very sick and for whatever reason. Yes, marijuana really helps them. ”

“I know people have serious problems and they have done this and it really helps them,” he said in a 2016 interview on Fox News.

But the president’s election campaign has clearly taken issue with the state’s cannabis efforts using his on-camera quotes.

“President Trump has never expressed support for Initiative 65, and his campaign demands that you immediately stop all activity in Mississippi using the president’s name, image, or likeness in support of legalization of medical marijuana And delete “, Glasner wrote in an October 12 letter, first reported by Y’all Politics.

“The President’s campaign strongly believes in and encourages your organization’s fundamental right to engage in speech on issues of public importance, but it is not about that,” he said. “You are misleading the President’s name in support of your own agenda without authorization or justification.”

But the MCC is defending mailers, including advertisements for several Republican legislators in the state.

“President Trump has stated categorically on several occasions that he supports medical marijuana. MCC Communications Director Jamie Grantham said in a press release that we all shared this truth. “The politicians and bureaucrats behind the Mississippi Horizon have explicitly accepted this letter from the Trump campaign. This is the latest example of the length they would go to in Mississippi to stop any type of medical marijuana. ”

“President Trump himself has said that he supports medical marijuana and is letting states make decisions,” he said. “Initiative 65 is the only plan on the ballot that would create an actual medical marijuana program in Mississippi.”

While Trump has clarified his views on medical cannabis – and has expressed support for the states’ right approach to marijuana policy – he has on several occasions issued statements on spending legislative legislation that he has long since Rahi reserves the right to ignore Rider. The Justice Department prohibits the use of its funds from interfering with state-legal medical marijuana programs.

He proposed to Congress to completely remove the rider in several annual budget proposals, although President Obama did the same while he was in office.

The Mississippi mailer, however, neglected to accept those nuances.

“For the past two years, they have signed legislation proposed by Republican senators to prevent their Department of Justice from prosecuting medical marijuana businesses in states that have legalized its use.”

“The Trump campaign’s decision in this case is another sign that this administration is not ready to either embrace or act for marijuana policy reform,” NORML’s political director, Justin Streakle, told Marijuana Moment. “For four years, this administration has been silent in the best and hostile way when it comes to marijuana policy, and there is no indication that they will move forward when given the opportunity.”

“At the end of the day, it’s just bad politics,” he said.

A Quinnipiac poll last year found that 93 percent of Americans support medical marijuana, including 86 percent of Republicans, 96 percent of Democrats, and 96 percent of independents – raising questions about whether the presidential election campaign led to their candidate Why choose the active step to overcome. One such popular issue is that it enjoys support across partisan lines.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, capturing cannabis more widely, exposing prior defects, rescheduling the drug according to federal law, and states. Determine its policies. That, he said, helped formulate some of the nation’s most notorious anti-criminal laws during his time in the Senate – a record the Trump campaign has seized.

“More than 81 percent of Mississippi agrees with President Trump in support of medical marijuana,” Grantham cited a poll released last month. “Voters see through the actions of politicians who failed to take action on the issue and who are now trying to block the initiative. 65A allows politicians to make decisions. More than 228,000 Mississippi signed petitions for initiative 65, which allows doctors and patients to make decisions. ”

The medical hemp reform campaign has faced hurdles before and after the state qualified for its November vote.

The primary complication for advocates is the fact that the two competing initiatives will appear alongside each other on the ballot. After the MCC qualified for their measure, the legislature approved an option that is seen as more restrictive. The result is a muddled ballot, requiring voters to answer a two-step series of questions – and possible confusion threatening to endanger the worker-led proposal.

More recently, the Mississippi State Medical Association and the American Medical Association have also contributed to the opposition, circulating a sample ballot instructing voters to reject initiative 65.

Last week, Gov. Tate Reeves (R) signed legislation that amended state law to allow people to obtain marijuana-derived drugs that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. He also reiterated his opposition to widespread medical cannabis reform, saying he was “against attempts to make marijuana mainstream.”

If the campaign measure passes, it would allow patients with debilitating medical issues to legally obtain marijuana after receiving a doctor’s recommendation. The proposal includes 22 qualifying conditions such as cancer, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, and patients will be allowed to keep 2.5 ounces of marijuana for a 14-day period.

In June, lawmakers introduced yet another medical cannabis alternative resolution, which may have posed a threat to pro-active reform initiatives. But, to give relief to the advocates, the lawmen did not pursue the law before going home for the summer.

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