Mariah Carey is now also being sued by her brother

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey
Photo: Jon Kopaloff (fake images)

In early FebruaryMariah Carey’s older sister, Alison Carey, filed a lawsuit against the singer for inflicting “intentional emotional distress” with her memoirs. The meaning of Mariah Carey. In the book, Carey claims (among other things) that her sister gave her pills and tried to “trick her into throwing her a cup of boiling tea,” and Alison Carey (her self-described “penniless sister”) said in the lawsuit that the accusations made against her in the book led her back to “alcohol abuse” and traumatic memories resurfaced about the “satanic worship meetings” she saw her mother attend.

Now, Variety is reporting that Mariah Carey’s older brother Morgan Carey has filed a lawsuit over the claims she makes in The meaning of Mariah Carey. In his lawsuit, he says the memoirs include numerous passages that are false, leading him to suffer “extreme mental anguish, outrage, severe anxiety about his future and his ability to support himself and his family, damage to his reputation, and their ability to earn money ”. , embarrassment among friends and associates, disruption of his personal life, and loss of enjoyment of the ordinary pleasures of everyday life. ”The claims that he says are not true involve references to him being institutionalized as a child, getting into you quarrel with his father and, in general, he was a “troubled” kid She also compares him to the big bad wolf, saying that he “never felt safe” and “was never safe” due to his “unpredictable” anger.

However, in a potentially important detail, Morgan Carey also notes that any duress she suffered from the book was apparently intentional, because Mariah Carey gave an interview with Oprah Winfrey before the book came out in which she said her brother “pulled the first blood”. “Meaning, the way he sees it, she was trying to pay him back.” Unlike Alison Carey, who specifically asks for $ 1.25 million in damages, Morgan Carey’s lawsuit (which also names co-author Michaela Angela Davis, Macmillan Publishing Group, and Andy Cohen Books as defendants) asks a judge to resolve damages by “judicial determination”.


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