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Maria & # 39; s Maternity Photoshoot for WWE (Video), Natalya on Shinsuke Nakamura, WWE Star On Game Show

– Above is the latest pregnancy vlog from Maria Kanellis for WWE YouTube, presenting a behind-the-scenes look at her recent maternity photo shoot.

  Maria Kanellis talks about the nude Photo Leak

– Natalya talks about teamwork in her latest article for The Calgary Sun, now available at this link. She wrote about teamwork with Shinsuke Nakamura in the WWE Mixed Matches Challenge:

I was paired with the Japanese sensation Shinsuke Nakamura. Our charity is Make-A-Wish. It was the first time I teamed up with a male superstar in WWE since I drove my husband Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in 2015, and I was very excited for the opportunity. I was worried too.

What if Nakamura and I do not have chemistry as a team in the ring? What if Nakamura does not like my ideas? What if Nakamura does not believe that my impression of his dance moves is good? What if I want to take a hundred selfies with him to promote The Mixed Match Challenge and Nakamura does not want to do it?

All these were valid concerns in my mind. However, the good news was that I made some suggestions to my teammate and he was receptive! He listened to my ideas and I heard his.

Nakamura suggested that we dance a lot, and although I told him I was a terrible dancer, I told him I would do my best. I asked him if he could dress my cat like him and he gave me a kitten kimono for 2Pawz. Let's say we started well!

Nakamura took the time to help me teach me his dance moves and I came up with a great idea. My father, Jim "The Yunque" Neidhart, "used to wear a really unique ring jacket when he joined my uncle Bret" Hitman "Hart.

The jacket was designed to look like something that Michael Jackson would wear, and it was great I brought the jacket for Nakamura to wear, so we could combine it with our black and pink leather coats, although the jacket was old and moldy, it gave me a chance so that we could combine it when we came down to the ring together. Happy

We filmed funny videos that complemented our unique styles.The team we faced in the first "Mixed Game Challenge" was Sasha Banks and Finn Balor. Before we went down to the ring, Nakamura told me: "We can not lose if we just We have fun. "I smiled in agreement with my teammate and the rest is history.

As we write this, our" Mixed Match Challenge "match against Finn and Sasha has garnered millions of visits among the social networks. s and WWE Network. We did not win, but I made a friend for life in Nakamura. As I mentioned earlier, teamwork makes the dream work. Thanks, Nakamura.

Did you ever want to see Naomi bust a bunch of balloons in a unicorn costume or spray Marlon Wayans with a bucket of suspicious liquid? Well, then you and your most specific wishes are in luck.

– Naomi appears in the latest episode of Marlon Wayans' "Do or Dare" series on Facebook Watch. The WWE website notes that Naomi blows up balloons while wearing a unicorn costume in the crazy new game show. Pictures of the episode can be seen in this link below:

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