Marcus Smart, Celtics players reportedly ‘argued’ in locker room

After blowing a 17-point deadlock in Game 2 in the heat of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics were reportedly a jerk in the locker room after the loss.

Marcus Smart and other Celtic players were arguing in the locker room, According to Gary Washburn Boston globe.

Smart shouted to teammates “shouted at that bull” – before going to the bathroom. Washburn also reported that many players were arguing for several minutes and items were thrown.

Kemba Walker told reporters moments after the incident.

“It was nothing,” Walker said. “It was nothing. I’m not talking about it.”

Tatum expanded a bit more on team spirit after going down 2–0.

“We’re disappointed,” Tatum said. “That is team sports. We should not be happy that we are down 0-2. it was nothing [out of the] Simple. Just talking about the game. That’s good, will be ready for the next one.

“What it takes to be in the locker room later,” Tatum added later. He said, ‘We don’t get out of here and talk about what we talked about as a team after a win or a loss. So we go to the locker room and talk to each other, whether we win or lose. That is. ”

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said, “People were emotional after a tough game, a hard defeat.”

Smart reportedly did not leave the arena for long and did not speak to the media after Thursday’s loss.

As it did in the game itself, the two common questions Stevens, Tatum and Walker posed were, “What happened in that third quarter?” (Which the Celtics found outscored 37–17), and why they were struggling against the Heat Zone defense.

Stevens thought his team was not connected during the third quarter.

“We split up and we didn’t play well. And they did a good job,” Stevens said. We’re not going to beat this team if we’re not fully connected on both sides of the court. So, we should But we have got back, which we did many times but they are a better team right now and we have to struggle to come back in this series. ”

Tatum simply stated that the Heat “gave us a longer story.”

The Celtics came back from a seven-point deficit in the fourth quarter to take a five-point lead with 4:25 remaining. However, the Heat won them 106–101 on a score of 15–1–7.

While the Celtics were not able to get a small lead, Stevens liked the way his team played from the stretch.

“I thought once we did that, we were playing really well,” Stevens said. “Dragis hit two contested shots over Thies, one of them at the end of the clock when he threw it. We did a lot of good work in the last seven minutes. We shot ourselves in the third.”

The Heat broke their field defense for the second half, allowing only 41 points after scoring 60 in the Celtics’ first half.

Stevens tipped his cap to the Heat, but reflected that in Game 1 the Celtics were able to handle the field better.

“It’s a difficult field to play,” Stevens said. “We played well against it in Game 1. We played with better speed than tonight. So, we’ll go back and we’ll look at it, figuring out whether it was a technical thing or a quick thing or an execution object or an important-focused-on-critical-important thing. ”

In 25 plays the Celtics were against the Heat’s zone defense in the second half, taking just five shots and making five turnovers, According to Kirk Goldsberry of ESPN.

Tatum was largely one of the players most influenced by the zone. They committed five turnovers and cut their shot attempts in half from Game 1 (24) to Game 2 (12), as they were unable to take an open look. He said he had to be “ready to shoot” and “be able to shoot at defenders, whatever daylight I get.”

“I want to. I knew,” said Tatum how to face the team’s struggle against zone defense. “I want to see the film. I think there’s a better vacancy. A lot of times we’re just not in the right places Were. Whether it’s against a man or a zone, he’s not going to help. You always have to have the right spacing to make good movement (and) a good shot. A good team, a good defensive team messing up against .

The Celtics have two days to figure out how to beat the Heat’s zone defense or else they will go down 3-0 after Saturday’s Game 3.

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