Marcus Peters refuses to spit in Jarvis Landry

USA Today Sports

Like Keith Hernandez, Marcus Peters refuses to spit within the confines of a sports program.

Brewers receiver Jarvis Landry claims, and the video confirms, that Peters spotted at Landry on Monday night. On Thursday night, Ravens released a statement in which Peters denied spitting.

“I didn’t spit on Jarvis,” Peter said. “Where do I come from, when you have an issue with someone, you are face to face, to the common man. Anyone who believes I intentionally spit on him does not know me – plain and simple. “

On Thursday or Peters, Landry said, “He’s a coward. He can do it behind my back but he won’t be on my face. I watched the video after the game.”

Allegations of spitting occur periodically in the NFL. In this case, a clear courtesy can be seen Flight from Peters’ mouth. Unless there was a second spitter, Peter seems guilty despite his denial.

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