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March launch of AirPods 2, AirPower and new iPads.

It seems that we have reached that moment in which everyone begins to wait for the first Apple event of the year. There are quite a few new Apple products and services on the wings, which means that there is a lot of room for rumors and speculation about the date of the spring event.

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Greece's iPhone rumor site, iPhonehellas.gr, cites sources in the supply chain to suggest that the new second-generation AirPods, the AirPower wireless charging platform and the new entry-level iPad will be available next month, on March 29.

While the date is specific, the site does not really have a past reputation, so we are treating this as a very incomplete statement. The site suggests that an Apple media event would take place in the second half of March, with advance orders starting on March 22.

It is expected that the new AirPods have the support of Hey Siri, as seen in the beta code of iOS. The wireless charging case for AirPods should also debut, a companion AirPower carpet. There have also been some suggestions that the new AirPods will present a different material, with better grip and in new colors, like a black finish.

AirPower lost its original launch window of 2018, but many sources have suggested that the product remains on track, with ChargeLab indicating that the mat has gone into mass production. The rug will charge up to three Apple devices at a time, with no set points for each product to sit. A user can load two iPhones, or an Apple Watch, an iPhone and AirPods at a time. If it is sent, it would be the first inductive charging platform on the market that can be so flexible.

Finally, it is very likely that a new spring iPad will be published and that it will be a good candidate for an Apple event. It is believed that this is a successor to the iPad 2018 of 9.7 inches, with a slightly larger viewing area and improved internal components. Apparently, a new iPad mini with special features is also being developed, but it is not clear if the Mini will be ready for March.

Apple is also preparing some different media services at this time, with some reports indicating launches in April before the WWDC. Apple ads may also include the launch of the premium subscription to Apple News magazine and its original content TV package.

What usually happens in the run up to an Apple event is that several sites post their event dates from sources familiar with the subject, then a larger post gives their address a few days later, often suspected to be an intentional leak from Apple itself. Officially, Apple sends invitations to events 7 to 14 days in advance.

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