‘Many are selfish’: America has 5 million coronavirus cases

BOSTON >> Fourth of July gathering, graduation parties, unmasked weddings, crowded bars – reasons why America has caused more than 155,000 coronovirus deaths, the highest in any country yet, and rapidly closing Happening- The chart confirms 5 million infections, easily the highest in the world.

Many Americans have protested against wearing masks and social disturbances, calling such precautions an exaggeration or an infringement on their freedom. Public health experts say the problem has been misleading and inconsistent guidance from politicians and a tricky quilt of approaches by the county, state and federal governments to tackle the crisis.

Dr. of Duke Global Health Institute Jonathan Quick said, “The thing that is in the country after the country and the state, then we get to know how we can find the virus.” “It’s not that we don’t know what works. We do.”

The number of confirmed infections in the US is 4.7 million, with new cases running more than 60,000. While it is below the peak of more than 70,000 in the second half of July, cases are increasing in 26 states, many in the south and west, and deaths in 35 states.

According to an analysis by the Associated Press, the number of COVID-19 deaths per day has increased from about 780 to 1,056 in the past two weeks in the US.

In Massachusetts, health officials are investigating at least half a dozen new cases, such as a lifeguard party, a high school graduation party, a prom party, an uncontrolled football camp, and a packed harbor cruise trip.

A recent house party on Cape Cod was attended by more than 60 people and led to more than a dozen new cases and prompted some restaurants to close or limit service at the height of the tourism season.

Hot spots are popping up around the US that once seemed like ideal locations to kick out the outbreak: rural, sparsely populated and with plenty of outdoor space. In South Dakota, a spike broke out at a Christian youth summer camp in the Black Hills, raising 328 attendees to 96.

“We are at a point where there is a substantial prevalence of COVID-19, which is increasing the likelihood of people experiencing and exposing the virus to people across the US,” said Florida epidemiologist Dr. Cindy Prins.

He said: “It is a behavioral disease for many people right now.” Prevention means “to change our behavior, and it is very difficult for humans. We are social animals.”

In Mississippi, Republican Gov. Tate Reeves took the reverse course and announced a statewide order requiring the wearing of masks as a result of the virus’s resurgence. He also delayed the start of the school year for the upper grades in eight hard-hit counties.

“Wearing a mask – as annoying as it can be, and I promise you I hate seeing anyone more today – is important,” he said.

In Virginia, cases have increased so much in cities such as Norfolk and Virginia Beach that Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam placed limits on liquor sales and a mob of more than 50 people last week. Northam, the country’s only governor who is a doctor, cited a growing infection among young people and said the problem is that “many people are selfish.”

“We all know that alcohol changes your decision,” he said. “You don’t care much about social distance just after a couple of drinks.”

Dr., District Director of the Department of Health for Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Demetria Lindsey said that there has been a clear spike between people aged 20 to 29 years. He said that one of the factors behind the increase is the gathering of people, who are not safe. Distance.

“Father’s Day, Memorial Day, graduation, birthday, backyard barbecue, you name it,” Lindsey said.

In Brandon, South Dakota, thousands of car racing fans packed the 9,000-seat Husk’s Speedway over the weekend. Many did not cover their faces nor did they stay away from others.

“We are more like this whole COVID thing. I will not wear a mask unless I have it at all, ”said 21-year-old Veronica Fritz. He said: “I am a very strong Christian and I know where I am going, and I believe that God will take me when I have to go. So if I get COVID and I die of COVID, So this is not my decision.

Josie Machovec, a mother of three suing the masked ordinance in Palm Beach County, Florida, said she does not believe the government has the right to require people to wear medical equipment, and has not seen clear evidence that the mask virus Prevent transmission of.

“I am someone who has seen this extensively and does not feel that this is the right thing for me and my children. If we’re healthy, we don’t need to wear them, “she said,” and if we’re not healthy, if we’re sick, we’re at home. ”

More than a quarter of Wisconsin cases were confirmed in the last 14 days. Most of the spikes have occurred in the dense urban southeastern corner of the state, but the disease has spread to rural and surprisingly northern Wisconsin with surprising speed.

Zona Vick, a spokeswoman and contact attendant for Iron County’s health department, blamed the Fourth of July gathering, birthday and bachelorette parties, out-of-county visitors and people crowding the bar.

“The fourth of July was tough on us,” said Vick. “People had a bit of tiredness, what am I calling it. People are a little tired of living. People just got on like they are in the fourth year of July and spread it to each other.”

Similarly the wedding industry is witnessing a no-mask reception with a busy dance floor and no social distance.

Wedding planner Lynn Goldberg has scheduled a December wedding for 200 guests at the bride’s parents’ home in Upcoming, New York.

“They have emphatically shared that this epidemic is not going according to their wedding plan and that no masks will be given and that there will be no signs promoting social distinctions in their marriage,” she said. “The bride has said that when she shows her wedding video to her children, she does not want it to be a documentary of the 2020 pandemic.”