Manny Pacquiao odds against Adrien Broner, betting lines: selections, best boxing predictions insider

Manny Pacquiao could be 40 years old, but he is still one of boxing's biggest attractions. On Saturday in fabulous Las Vegas, he will face another star of the sport, Adrien Broner, with the Pacquiao WBA Welterweight Championship on the line. Broner is also a former WBA welterweight champion and the 29-year-old is still at his best, 11 years younger than his opponent. Despite the age difference, Pacquiao is a favorite of -400 in Pacquiao's latest odds. Broner, above an open -280. That means you would need to risk $ 400 to win $ 100. Broner, meanwhile, is at +300, which means you only need to risk $ 100 to win $ 300 in the bottom position. Before heading to the window to make any selection of Pacquiao vs. Check out the latest predictions from SportsLine boxing expert Peter Kahn.

A veteran of fighting games with more than 20 years of experience as manager, promoter and advisor, Kahn has his finger on the pulse of what is happening inside and outside the ring. He can be heard weekly as co-host of the "The Fight Guys" podcast on the SB Nation radio network.

This is the same expert who called Shawn Porter who annoyed Danny Garcia in September, who paid +140 on the money line, and paid the GGG vs.. Cinnamon Now he has called Pacquiao-Broner and has only locked in his best boxing selections. You can only watch them on SportsLine.

For Saturday's showdown in Las Vegas, Kahn knows that one of Pacquiao's big advantages will be his ability to use his speed to beat the more defensive Broner. He will put together combinations that have a high score with the judges, which Kahn believes could put Broner in constant danger.

"Pacquiao will go ahead, push the action and keep Broner on the defensive using his speed and combination of punches," Kahn told SportsLine.

As the loser, Kahn also knows that Broner will have his job against a more technically sound fighter. However, Broner is an excellent counterattack, which makes him extremely dangerous against a fighter like Pacquiao, who will surely pitch a lot of hay makers. And Broner has had great success, with 24 knockouts in 33 wins against just three losses, while Pacquiao has lost four of his last 10 bouts.

"Broner succeeds when he can make his opponents get lost and use his long left hook to land at will," Kahn told SportsLine. "He has a solid chin and he will not give up, he could make it ugly or rough if he could break Pacquiao's rhythm."

Kahn has explored Broner against Pacquiao from all angles and has secured his best bets. We can tell him that he likes the fight to go at 12 rounds, but his biggest game is the winner. He has identified the critical factor x that makes a fighter a need to return. Just share what it is and who to endorse in SportsLine.

Who wins Pacquiao vs. Broner? And what critical factor makes a fighter a necessity? Visit SportsLine now to see the winner of Peter Kahn in Pacquiao vs. Broner, all the members of the fighting game and the guru of the bets that caught the attention of Shawn Porter on Danny Garcia.

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