Manhunt for Alabama fugitive ends in the Atlanta metropolitan area


A national search of an Alabama fugitive that terrorized several people and left one of the victims in the Atlanta metropolitan area ended overnight.

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Shane Anthony Vernon was captured just before 10:20 p.m. Tuesday in DeKalb County, according to the Coosa County Sheriff's Office.

He was arrested without incident and is being held in DeKalb prison awaiting extradition.

Vernon, who previously escaped from Coosa prison on October 29, escaped again around 2:30 p.m. On Sunday, the sheriff's office said.

The county of Coosa is about 65 kilometers southeast of Birmingham.

"An investigation revealed that Vernon was allowed to leave his cell to use the inmate's telephone system," Sheriff Terry Wilson said in a news release. "While Vernon was using the phone, he noticed that the correctional service officer had not adequately secured one of the doors in the area."

Vernon, 27, went through that door, gained access to the roof of the jail, went around four security doors and escaped from the facility, authorities said.

The officer's actions are under investigation.

After escaping, Vernon burst into a home in Rockford, Alabama, where he stole the residents, tied up and left in his 2016 Ford Fusion, the sheriff's office said. Later he unloaded that vehicle just south of the Coosa-Elmore line and ran into the forest.

He reappeared Monday night in Titus, Alabama, where authorities said he tied up another family at gunpoint, stole a mini red bike and also left him.

That same day, Vernon kidnapped a man in Wetumpka, Alabama, in Elmore County and took his vehicle, authorities said. The vehicle and the victim were found Tuesday in Douglas County. Elmore Sheriff Bill Franklin told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I have no idea" why Vernon drove to Douglasville, "and our victim has no idea," Franklin said.

While Franklin said the victim was traumatized, "everything indicates that he is fine."

The Elmore County District Attorney's Office said Vernon faces three counts of theft, two counts of theft and one count of kidnapping. Second-degree escape orders, two counts of theft, two counts of incarceration and one count of property theft have also been signed, officials said.

He was originally arrested on charges of burglary and burglary, AL. com reported.

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