Manhattan, Delaying Train Services Reported Massive Power Outage

A massive power outage was reported in the upper reaches of Manhattan on Friday morning, which included not only lights, but also cellphone service.

A Con Edison spokesman told NBC that it is investigating the wide spread of Harlem, Central Park and Lenox Hill. At one point it was a black pitch as far as the eyes could see on the 73rd street heading north along Broadway.

Power returned for some parts of the Upper West Side after about 20 minutes, but there were still outage reports on the Upper Eastside.

Con Ed’s outage map showed about 140,000 customers without power in Manhattan until 6 a.m., though it was unclear how much damage was caused by the tropical storm Isis last Tuesday, as opposed to Friday’s blackout.

Many metro lines are running late and are now saying 10-15 minutes late inside and outside Grand Central due to Metro-North outage.

The MTA said there are 1, 2 and 3 service delays and multiple effects due to power loss in Manhattan. Some 2 trains will run on line 5 between 149 St – Grand Concourse to Navins Street.

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