Manhattan DA still wants to prosecute former Trump campaign president Paul Manafort

New York State prosecutors argued in court filings Thursday that fraud charges against former Trump campaign president Paul Manafort should be reinstated.

In March 2019, the Manhattan DA’s office indicted Manafort for allegedly falsifying business records to obtain millions of dollars in residential mortgage loans.

But in December, a state judge dismissed the charges, calling them a violation of New York’s double jeopardy law, as Manafort had already been fed in 2019 for related offenses exposed by former special counsel Robert Mueller .

On Thursday, the DA’s office appealed the decision, arguing the allegations brought to the state level center on various elements of lawsuits at the federal level.

The DA’s filing stated that “the allegations involve various elements and were designed to prevent a very different type of harm than federal fraud of bank fraud and conspiracy to bank fraud.”

Manafort was convicted in two federal courts in March 2019 on charges of conspiracy, tax and bank fraud. Both cases arose from Muller’s investigation. The Manhattan DA case was announced less than an hour after Manhattan was sentenced in another federal case.

The state’s allegations were considered by some legal experts as a way to hold Manafort responsible for his crimes, should Trump decide to deny his federal beliefs through a pardon.

The longtime GOP operative is currently serving a seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence after a jury was convicted in a federal case and convicted in another. He was transferred from prison to home imprisonment in May due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Manafort’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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