Mandalorian’s Evil Luke Clone Theory Destroys Star Wars Fundracks

Luke Skywalker’s rogue clone may be the latest piece of the expanded Universe canon to become part of Disney’s Star Wars in Mandorian.

In the presence of Luke Skywalker Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 was one of the best surprises, and JD Master’s innings would go ahead as fans want to know how Grugg’s training is progressing. However, there is still a question as to whether Luke who took Grug away is the actual article.

Has been a part of a rogue Luke Skywalker clone Star wars Before Canon, which means that there is a creative team Mandalayukt With Doppelganger sending everyone out of the galaxy’s most precious Force user, he drove them out.

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Luke Skywalker in Mandalorian

Being produced by Luke’s hand after being parted by Darth Vader during his fight in Cloud City, the clone, Luke, appeared in the popular Trilogy trilogy He was a henchman for another Jedi clone, Jorus C’Both, as an extension of his master’s will. Luke would go on to fight the real Luke to a standstill, but eventually, Mara was able to distract the Jade clone and kill him. Fighting a black reflection of himself and watching him die was a painful experience for Luke, which catapulted him into the Dark Side.

Even after the elimination of legends, clones remain a major part of the present Star wars Canon. Family wise, Emperor Palpatine returned from the dead Rise of skywalker Using a cloned body, which allowed him to continue his Force abilities. Mandalorian Have also dealt with their fair share of clones. With Boba Phet’s return in season 2, Deen Zarine was fighting with Jango Phet’s clone for several episodes.

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Luke skywalker

Considering this, it would not be too big to believe that a clone of Luke exists in this continuum. The clone’s presence does not require any explanation, and Luke’s original can be recycled because the real Luke’s hand has never been recovered in the current canon. However, there is a possibility that Luke appeared in The Mandalorian One clone is less. Grug would have sensed that Jedi wasn’t him when he came in contact and R2-D2 wouldn’t have gone with him, either, unless the play also has rogue diarrhea clones.

Now, while they explain the fact that the creative team lags behind Mandalorian Luke was not intended to be a clone, this does not mean that Lucasfilm’s creative team will never go to that well, especially given that its immediate future lies in Disney + spin-offs and not movies. A Disney + series could explore the idea of ​​a Luke clone operating in the same post-original trilogy space Mandalorian Ahso talks with characters such as Tano, which will end their hopes of their first-ever anticipated first meeting.

In that sense, a rogue Luke has some storytelling abilities. However, it is probably best to present Star wars Canon stays away from the crazy side of the European Union. Obviously, it would be an interesting idea to have something to do Star wars’ Marvel answer what if?, But not as part of the franchise’s canon future.

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