Mandalorian featured surprise cameo from Battlefront 2 star You Miss

Latest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Disney + had a ton of references, Easter eggs, and several fan-favorite show characters, hanging out with Deen Zarine and Baby Yoda. And while fans were discussing Katie Sackhoff’s live-action debut Clone wars The character was also a little-known cameo made by Bo-Cotton Craze (and name-dropping Ashoka Tano, no less!), S.Tar Wars: Battlefront II Star Jenna Gawankar. No no morning Show And true Blood The actress was not playing her Inferno squad leader Iden Versio, but rather a very stunning alien with a strange talent.

IGN This week reported that Gawankar acted as the second puppet on the nostril of Mon Calamari shown in the episode. Gavankar shared the article on Twitter, saying, “Here is my delightful @themandalorian story. TDLR: @FrankIppolito asked me puppet nasal.” You can check the tweet below:

Gavankar explained, “There’s a mon calamari who puts his hands on his hips. That’s Frank Ippolito, who is inside that rig. He made that headpiece and took two puppies to animate,” IGN. “And they needed a second puppet to handle the nostril of this character. And [Ippolito] Called me and he said, ‘Do you want to bring the puppet to the nostril of this somber kalamari?’ And I said ‘f * ck yes.’

Gavankar was not the only Easter egg in the latest episode of the show. “Chapter 11” was greeted by Bryce Dallas Howard who paid tribute to his father’s film Apollo 13. You can compare his direction and Ron Howard’s here.

Season two Mandalorian There are some exciting directors on the roster. In addition to Howard, returning directors include Rick Famuiva and Dave Filoni. Robert Rodrigues (first-timer for the show)Sin city) And Peyton Reid (Antman), Which directed last week’s episode. We are also staying for the duration of next week, which was directed by Karl Withers, who plays Greif Karga in the series. When asked to share what he was most excited about for Season Two, With reported ET Canada, “Well, of course, the episode I directed! [Laughs] Of the episodes we decided on, Episode 4 was. “

Star Wars: Mandalorian Now streaming on Disney +.


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