Manchin supports budget reconciliation for relief bill but with a warning

Sen. Joe ManchinJoseph (who) faces crossroads on Manchinden virus relief bill Schumer pledge Senate will take ‘bold’ coronovirus bill, rejecting GOP proposal White House says it is in contact with Manchin More. (DW.Va.), a decisive centrist swing vote, announced Tuesday that it would vote to pursue the Democratic budget proposal, while warning that it intends to work with Republicans on a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package .

“I will vote to move forward with the budget process as we must address the urgency of the COVID-19 crisis. But let me be clear – these are words I have shared with President Biden – our focus should be on the COVID-19 crisis and the Americans who have been most affected by this epidemic, ”Manchin said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon said.

Manchin’s remarks indicate that even though he would support fellow Democrats on a key procedural vote to pass the COVID-19 relief package, he could block any package that led the leadership budget reorganization process Attempts to pass with only Democratic votes.

Senate Leader Charles SchumerChuck Schumertwo-Bipartisanship – Remedy for Political Tribalism Fallen Capital Police Officer Rotunda Lies in Honor of Senate Democrats, Saying Thoughts on Cannabis Reforms Will Be a Priority (DN.Y.) said the Senate would begin on Tuesday with only a simple majority to form the basis for the passage of the Coronovirus Relief Bill, an approach in which Manchin’s support is crucial for Democrats.

The Senate is expected to take a preliminary procedural vote on Tuesday afternoon to pursue the budget proposal. Once passed, the bill would allow Democrats to avoid a 60-vote filibuster for a separate coronavirus relief bill.

Manchin on Tuesday also hinted at what he does, and does not, want to see in a final relief measure.

“I will only support the proposals that will make us go through the pain of this epidemic. For the sake of the country, we must work together with Laser Focus to defeat the COVID-19 crisis, support our neighbors and communities who are leading quicker and more normal lives, ”he said.

Manchin told reporters that he would not support raising the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour, which is a component of Biden’s proposal, adding that he “wants to do something that is responsible and appropriate.”

He adjusted that dollar amount to inflation in West Virginia at a rate of $ 11 per hour.

Manchin told reporters before releasing Tuesday’s statement that he would like Republicans to give input on the COVID-19 relief bill. Ten GOP senators met with President Biden on Monday evening at the White House to discuss his $ 618 billion counterproposal for the President’s Biden $ 1.9 trillion plan.

Manchin has not indicated which price tag he is leaning towards.

“I can’t tell you where the right numbers are, but when you have a good bipartisan input, you can discuss and argue, when you get a good schedule. And we’re committed And we are committed and all have committed that this reconciliation will be done in an open, bipartisan manner, ”he told reporters.

Sen. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Collinsbidden faces crossroads over virus relief bill, GOP senator agrees for more COVID-19 talks after first meeting on ‘excellent’ money: Schumer pledge Senate will take ‘bold’ coronavirus virus bill, rejecting GOP proposal | GOP senator, Biden sends positive vibes after long WH meeting (Maine), a prominent member of 10 Republicans who met with Biden, also expressed concern with the minimum wage provision in Biden’s proposal, saying it should be handled separately from a COVID-19 relief bill needed.

“It is not relevant to treatment or economic recovery or vaccination,” she said on Tuesday. “In fact, it will be very difficult for the hospitality industry, which has been particularly harmed.”

Manchin is under pressure from top Democrats to support Biden’s proposal. Vice President Harris gave an interview to a West Virginia television station last week in which he said how it would help those in the state who are struggling to feed their families during the epidemic.

Manchin expressed outrage that neither the Harris team or the White House informed him about the interview.

The White House later approaches Manchin to convince the fans. The West Virginia senator said on Tuesday that “no apology” was needed.

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