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Manchester City 1-0 Brighton I'll leave you with the match report of Danny Taylor from Wembley. Thanks for your company, good evening!

Here is Raheem Sterling

"Brighton played brilliantly, they caused us set-pieces problems and they stayed in the game, but it shows the spirit we have to overcome a difficult game, we have many games to come, but next Tuesday is the only thing that matters at this moment.

"[On buying 550 tickets for children at his old school] Growing up in Wembley, sometimes there were games and I could only watch them from the television. It was a turning point in my life when I received a free ticket to watch the FA Cup final between Chelsea and United, and I knew there would be many children in the area who would not have many opportunities to come to Wembley, so I thought it would be Good to let you see a game here. It's good for them to experience a day like today. "

Pep Guardiola with Raheem Sterling after the game.

Pep Guardiola with Raheem Sterling after the game. Photograph: Carl Recine / Action Images through Reuters


Full time: Manchester City 1-0 Brighton

Peep peep! Manchester City is in the FA Cup final for the first time since 2013! The brilliant goal of the fourth minute of Gabriel Jesus decided a semifinal without incidents in which the City did not approach its best level. Brighton played admirably without the ball, but could not put a glove in the City. It could have been different if Kyle Walker had been sent off in the first half. He was not there and City rarely seemed to lose his advantage.

Shane Duffy and Florin Andone react in the final whistle.

Shane Duffy and Florin Andone react in the final whistle. Photography: Tim Ireland / AP


90 + 2 min Knockaert's free throw goes away and the City collapses to the right through Jesus. He throws a good pbad over the defense to Sterling, whose excellent left-handed volley is well saved by Ryan.

90 + 1 min Fernandinho commits a relentless foul on Duffy, 25 yards from the goal. This is the Brighton opportunity …

88 min Brighton is running out of time. In the language of our time, they have become proud today, but they simply have not been able to create any clear opportunity.

87 min Danilo, a goal scorer of great goals, hits an badault shot just over the bar from 25 yards.

86 min Left forms a good curler towards the goal from 20 yards, and Ederson flies through his line to make a comfortable save. That's only the fifth target shot of the game.

85 min Duffy flattens himself on the D outside the city area. Anthony Taylor keeps playing.

84 min Knockaert makes a brilliant 40-yard run to his own goal to steal the ball and start an attack in Brighton. It's not about anything, but Knockaert has played admirably all day.

83 min "Hi Rob," says David Hopkins. "My dad would not forgive me if he did not leave Alan Hinton in the best cruise riff, apparently he could drop it anywhere at will." There is a goal against the Spurs. I think where Willie Carlin scores a header from a Hinton center while being marked by two defenders a foot taller than him. "

82 min Brighton makes his third change, with Jurgen Locadia replacing the impressive Bissouma.

81 min The admirable, Tigger-ish Knockaert wins a corner for Brighton. It moves away by Stones.

79 min Another change for City: John Stones replaces Benjamin Mendy, who looked pretty good and provided some reminders of his exceptional ability to cross.

79 min Brighton cling now. Jesus plays a square pbad to Sterling, who drills a low shot from 20 yards that is bravely blocked by the sliding Dunk.

77 min The magnificent cross of Mendy is directed towards a corner by the Dunk that stretches. Gundogan will take it …

76 min That is a good example of the effective cynicism of the City. Andone, within his own half, turned inside Mendy, who pulled his shirt to stop the game. Free kick, no yellow card and City can regroup.

74 min City has controlled the game since Fernandinho arrived. He is a remarkable player, the cynical genius of English football.

70 min A second City goal is on the post. They have improved noticeably and Brighton is struggling to get the ball. Laporte generously returns to them with a long-range wild shot. It also allows Brighton to make another change, with José Izquierdo replacing Jahanbakhsh.

69 min "Hello again Rob," says Geoff Wignall. "Just to clarify the figures I gave for the Beckham crossovers, I was generous enough to consider anything a teammate could realistically challenge in finding a successful teammate." That obviously exaggerates the rate. Of implicit success, anyway, in my opinion, were John Robertson (before your time?) And Dennis Wise, Wise? Oh yes, Stepping back even more in the mists of time, Siddons and Aston. Being less parochial, Donatello and Figo, that's not a very long list, but then I'm more of a cricket and rugby person. "

I agree that Wise was an excellent cross of the ball, particularly willing pieces, but he had nothing like Beckham's rank. (In my opinion, etc.) In fact, nobody did it. (In my opinion, etc.)

68 min City have had more control of the game in the last minutes, although they still have an unusually slow possession.

67 min "I respect and admire 99% of all that Pep is about," says Hubert O'Hearn. "But, that 1% is the same anger I had in Mourinho for clearly managing his players to cut the ankles of any opposition player who is making a decent career, if we say that Southampton had a similar policy yesterday, instead of a memorable 60-yard run and a goal-kick, Mo Salah would have been ripped from the turf in a body bag, come on, Brighton, I hope you get justice!

I think you have the wrong memo, Hubert.

66 min Brighton made his first change, with Florin Andone replacing Glenn Murray.

65 min The city has its second chance, with Fernandinho replacing Kevin de Bruyne.

64 min: Good save from Ryan! Sterling hit a sneaky curved shot toward the goal from 20 yards, and would have been located in the bottom corner, but for that annoying Ryan, he flew to his right to drive him away.


62 min Chris Hughton will begin to consider his options in the bank, particularly Locadia and Andone. Brighton has played magnificently, but only in the first two thirds of the field.

61 min Gundogan hooks a good left-footed shot towards the 20-yard goal that Ryan holds comfortably.

60 min "Instituting a salary cap is much easier within national boundaries, but football, unlike American sports balls, is an international game," says Phil Podolsky. "In addition, the real problem is obviously capitalism. To sign a less important note, I would like the BBC to let Yaya Toure speak French. He's a smart kid, but you would not know he played in England for more than half a decade after his stab wounds to the experts. "

58 min The city calms things with a long spell of possession. Sterling and Bernardo have changed wings, by the way.

56 min "Manchester City finished half with 2/3 of possession, and twice as many fouls as their opponent," says Steve Forstneger. "This is a trend throughout the season. Against Fulham, they had 2/3 of possession and committed 3 times more fouls. For all its supposed beauty, it's a cynical game style. "

Then you will tell me that Barcelona is nothing more than a club.

54 min: So close to a Brighton equalizer! The inswing corner of Knockaert was just above Emerson, who failed with his shot attempt. Duffy directed the ball into the six-yard area, and Murray was about to score when Laporte appeared to cut the ball on his own crossbar.

Shane Duffy heads the ball toward the six-yard box.

Shane Duffy heads the ball toward the six-yard box. Photography: Matt Dunham / AP


53 min Brighton is dominating possession at this time, and Propper dodges to the right to win a corner.


53 min "Rob," says Duncan Edwards. "I feel that Beckham was revolutionary in the sense that he dispensed with the idea that one end must win, beat his man and get to the line before delivering crosses." All he needed was a yard of space to wreak havoc with precision. The two goals he set for Dwight Yorke against Inter are clbadic examples, in each case, Beckham delivered the balls for the first time on a plate, begging to be swallowed. Eat the shit Simeone!

There was another absurd crossover for Andy Cole in the same game.

52 min Of bruyne the free throw of Knockaert goes away.


51 min Danilo is booked for a foul on Jahanbakhsh, although it looked like a dive. Brighton has a free kick in the left wing, 25 yards from the goal …

51 min "The Brighton supporter is here, but I'm glad Walker is still on," he writes.

Francis Lee
Paul Thompson. "Yes, strictly according to the rules that he should be out, but there was no damage in that crash, and Jahanbakhsh had pushed him in. Keeping 22 players in the field if possible, that's what I want. Brighton does not need the extra man … we almost have a shot at the target, you know? "

50 min The city is not even close to its best future. Brighton has a chance in this game, not a great opportunity, not even a small one, but a bigger one than they had after four minutes.

49 min "Why?" Says Chris Tavernos. "So a shameless dive is described as clever by Danny Mills, but a stamp and a shake of the head of the bags is a red stone wall?"

File under Modern Football.

48 min Knockaert, who has been the brightest attacker in Brighton, goes on a nice playing field before being stripped smoothly by Laporte.

47 min "The Beckham crossing looked better than it was because there were always three, and often four, men in the box to get to the end of a ball hit in" good areas, "says Gary Naylor. "Extraordinary how that side made so many men advance. The best crosser I've seen is Dave Thomas of QPR and, later, Everton. He played high pbades. "

I know what you mean about Beckham and United, but …


46 min Peep peep! City begins the second half. Danilo has replaced Kyle Walker at halftime.

"Oh yeah," says Matt Dony. "Good point, come on, Brighton, I was behind you all the way …

Half time: Manchester City 1-0 Brighton

Peep peep! That is the end of a slightly strange half. When Gabriel Jesus scored in the fourth minute from a devastating center of Kevin de Bruyne, it seemed that Brighton would be overwhelmed. But then they played admirably and were the same for the rest of the half largely without singing. Although they are a goal down, they could be a man up: Kyle Walker probably should have been sent off for dragging his head down the face of Alireza Jahanbakhsh.

You would expect the City to do what is necessary in the second half, especially after Pep gives them the special dryer, but Brighton still has hope, and that is all that everyone has asked for.


44 min The corner of De Bruyne from the right falls very well for Gundogan, who makes a wrong shot in the attempt to cross-throw on the ground and goes to safety.

42 min "As much as we all love a non-favorite story, and the romance of the cup and all that, I'm totally behind City," says Matt Dony, who according to rumor could have a place for Liverpool Football Club in his heart. .. "The more games you have to play, the better".

Do you realize that the final of the cup will be played after the league season is over?

40 min The long distance shot by Bernardo Silva drives away with the Lewis Dunk midfielder. "He loves you, does not he?" Says Martin Keown, recognizing a kindred spirit. In reality, the repetitions show that he cleared it with his shoulder, not with his head, but the point is valid: when it comes to defending, Dunk does love him.

35 min "Hi Rob," says Geoff Wignall. "I'm sorry but no, no no no no, Beckham's best crosses could have been (among) the best of all time, but to qualify him as the best cross of the ball is to rule out all the attempts that did not beat the first defender. sad that way once I counted more than five games, 40% hit or was collected by the first defender, more than 60% could not find a teammate, this included set pieces. "

Those percentages are low for failed crosses, is not it? Anyway, he is the best crosser I have seen, which is not quite the same as saying he is the best of all time.

34 min The more you see Walker's incident, the clearer the fact remains that he should have been expelled. Do not get me wrong, in a healthy world, that would never be a red card, but the law is the law. Another triumph for VAR.


33 min The VAR review has found Walker innocent. He could argue that he has a bit of luck there, because he dragged his head down the face of Jahanbakhsh and in the modern game that could be interpreted as violent behavior. As Martin Keown says on the BBC, Jahanbakhsh did Walker a favor by not falling and rolling as if he had been mutilated.


VAR Slope

32 min Both players are reserved, but VAR is looking for a red card, presumably against Walker.

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